Call of Duty: WW2 - What are your thoughts?

Just after people’s thoughts about the game…

I have watched a couple of videos (including the one below) and it just appears to be a COD rinse and repeat, kill streaks, etc.

The price is a problem too but that’s what you have to pay for a triple A game these days…

What are your thoughts?

Haven’t watched any gameplay until just now. Looks amazing imho - I have no problem with COD really - I mean, yes it is rinse-repeat to a degree… but equally, it has been a LONG time since a WW2 COD game. COD was never bad.

I guess the player base will determine wankerness. but sadly, they are everywhere now regardless.

Price too is my biggest issue. Sub £30 might get my attention… maybe.

The amount of cod players now in r6s is sicking. Drop shot is coming more and more, which I hate. It does look interesting but price and the fact I know all “we r elite, your a noob and get gud” will go to CoD is what puts me off.

Also, never knew of guided bombs in WW2

Played the Beta on PS4 for two weekends. I’m really enjoying being “Boots on ground” again! The single player campaign looks really good too. Plus the Zombie mode isn’t going for Arcady shit, it’s gonna be full on horror this time round it seems :smiley: I guess it helps that the lead dev on it worked on Dead Space!!

If you don’t wanna break the bank… Check out - GameSeek - Only £30

The Germans (& japs I think) had anti shipping guided bombs, there are videos on Youtube about them Hammy

I think I will be getting this. I have been really hoping COD would return to their roots and they have. Not sure what the script is with dedi servers? But if there were enough ziipsters I am sure it would be fun.

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From just briefly reading up, it seems that they will be running this on dedicated server - but what we call a dedicated server and what they call a dedicated server is 2 different things…

I think it’ll be like R6S where we connect to an actual datacenter, rather than P2P (Which is the most bullshit) - However, we know from experience of Siege that without ping control, having fucks play from the otherside of the planet rather than their own DC just creates lag and lowers gameplay.

It seems that there is no intention what-so-ever to make private, rentable (or downloadable) dedicated servers like time gone by.

A more telling sign that this is now “how things are going to be forevermore” is if you look a Multiplay’s website. They are one of the only GSP’s left now (at least in the UK) :

There are pushing their product as an enterprise layer directly to the developers - to host entire games. Their old clientbase, people like us, are now relegated to a separate page and overlooked.

Times changes. Not always for the good.