Call of Duty WWII PC Open Beta

Coming on the 29th September via Steam.

Info Here


Awesome. So open means you get to play before buying? or available only on pre-order?

Either way, I’m probably going to get this.

Now, the Multiplayer Beta is coming to PC as an Open Beta for all PC gamers.

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Awesome. Need to put that in the diary.

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Wll be interesting to see how this pans out

If it’s free and no obligation to pre-order then I will download and give it a go.

As already said by pretty much everyone, if there is a proper free Demo, I’ll give it a blast.

Hopefully they are putting this out for some proper feedback from people.

From the videos that I have seen so far, the maps are teeny-tiny!

Pre-load is available now. 14GB Download.

I have to start getting into the habit of deleting a load of stuff regularly, or 1TB SSDs need to drop in price…

just my luck that i’m pretty busy all weekend. Should get a go on Friday night though.

Beta through steam?

It is yeah :slight_smile:


download is taking its time - I wanna play something :frowning:

It’s only a pre-load fella. You won’t get to play it until the weekend.

Yeah I know but if I wait til Friday, I am unlikely to get to play it

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Downloading… Could do a few games early during the day on Saturday.

Seems to be live now, just loading into it for a quick game

Well, its CoD. Need to play it more but after 1 round, i’m frustrated with it. Admitted, thats only after one round

Just had a round.

From that first instance:

a) It felt very much like COD. I consider this a good thing.

b) It felt quite slow. Slower to move than R6. This will take a bit for me to get used to - but is a good thing… no horrible bunny-hopping bollocks

c) It’s didn’t look mind-blowingly next generation. I need to look at settings to confirm

d) The hit reg, whilst in a “soft-core” style, seemed very accurate - Big plus from me.

e) Playing TDM just felt… fun but unordered. Would I find that a long term method of enjoyment? In the past when I would chance ranks/badges/unlocks etc - then yes. Now… less so. I would be interested in the other game modes.

Obviously the game felt better because its that fun period where no one has a fucking clue what they are doing. This can change over time…

On that first play, I get it 6.5/10 - Nothing groundbreaking but could be a lot of fun. I could probably score it more as I look at other game modes and settings.

Anyone about today . About lunchtime should be available for a blast.

Your lucky, I had a few players bunny hop on me loads.

This annoyed me greatly. I felt I was putting half a clip in some people and yet was dying when they turned around and hit me twice. Was annoying the life outta me.