Calling all Windows 10 experts - cannot open my documents

My PC is refusing to recognise my Users\Michael folder contents

How do I re-enable it?

Typical error:
[Window Title]
C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\Refuse Calendar.pdf

Windows cannot find ‘C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\Refuse Calendar.pdf’. Make sure you’ve typed the name correctly, then try again.


I had to uninstall/re-install Steam yesterday but all my documents are now not recognised with the following error.

Please help!

What happens if you go to this location mic in file explorer?

There are the files I expect but as soon as I try to open a file it fails with that error

Can’t run adobe, Origin, Microsoft 2010 (word/Excel/etc.), uPlay

Office 2010 is well out of date mic, you need to upgrade that. By the sounds of this, it may be a corrupt profile. You got any other users on the PC you can log in as and see if they can open files?

No only this profile.

See if you can add a new user and test it. Other than that, if its the only profile on there, back up all data and reinstall. Corrupt profiles are a bastard to fix

How do I add another user?

Just open the start menu and type user.


Made no difference :frowning:

I have managed to uninstall uPlay, Office 10 - origin just wont connect.

I am now using OneDrive but I don’t know whats wrong or how to fix it

Have you a back up of all your important flies?

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Some of them

Hate to say it mic, but its sounding like a back up, wipe and reinstall

Hmmmm… will struggle on for now.

It will only get worse mic. Do it now while you can get your stuff backed up

Back up your important files, everything else can wait.

their is an index option i did it awhile back for some reason
while trying to solve something i had done it sounds like it could help
but deffo back up anything important before doing anything i suggest :grimacing:

win+s - indexing options - advanced - rebuild


Found this online - perhaps it could be my anti-virus.

I am paid til the end of the year with Avast but I am thinking of going back to Windows Defender with Malwarebytes. Do you think that is a good idea?

I run Defender and Malwarebytes, had no issues so far.


I use avast free and never had any issues

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