Can't believe this was over 5 years ago

Had a look back at other videos… I miss playing BF3 and ARMA with everyone.


I still have the gif of it :smiley:

Hold on a minute while I upload it again :smiley:

Fuck, I have it somewhere, but reckon it’s one of my external drives. I made sure to save it though!

Yeah, the good ol’ BF days :slight_smile: I did like BF3, moreso than BF4, but it might have just been aging that made me enjoy 4 a bit less.

Still remember the closed Beta days of BF3, where there was an APC for the attacking team in Paris. Absolutely murder machine! Then there was the tunnels… oh lawd the kill-count! I think @BonkersBM has a couple of photos on FB from then when there were 4 of us and Jes and I had like 45:1 KDR from locking down tunnels with LMG and SR fire :smiley:

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I think I have BF4 still installed…

That fekin sniper rifle and those fekin tunnels… :joy::persevere::joy::persevere:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I must say, I perferred BF2 with you lot.

I could entertain the idea of BF4… but only the tighter maps. Can’t be doing the larger tanky ones. Just talking to @Angelclaws about it… and yeah, I think I preferred BF3 in hindsight.

Might have a look at some older titles in my library for a blast.

I am not sure I have BF3 installed or available. :frowning:
I will check tonight…

EDIT: Are there still servers for BF3?

Was about to say just that… I installed BF3 a while back… and there are no servers available.

I imagine the BF4 world is quite small too nowadays.

Still a number active I think for BF4, some of the youtubers I watch still post videos

I did love it when i was on with you guys. Good old days.

Loved BC2 tho as well.

Still need to listen to that audio clip you have Cal :laughing::grin:

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Both BF3 and BF4 have active servers.

While I miss the days of us all in together I don’t overly miss battlefield. Don’t miss fps games like that at all tbh. Much prefer arma now and more sandbox type games.

I too miss the old days of BF3 and BF4.

BC2 was also awesome towards the end of us playing it as there was all the hilarious tracer dart fun and we had reno playing with us too :slight_smile:


Is it worth re-installing BF3?