Capital Dance

New radio station on DAB (been up a week or so) - Finding it really good. I find Radio 1 ‘meh’ these days (I’m an old fart) - and whilst I love RadioX, there is only so much Oasis/Sam Fender/Dermot Kennedy you can take in a day.

Capital Dance playing a good mix of old and new. MistaJam is pretty damn cool too.


Been all over this all week. Love mista Jam and been waiting for a dance station that doesnt play the same stuff over and over again like heart dance.

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I am impressed that you are still even thinking of Radio 1 at all!! lol Im so over that a long time a go.

We mostly listen to now BBC Radio 2 in morning. Ken Bruce, specifically. Then we will switch between Absolute Classic Rock and Absolute 90s. Quite like the drive time show on Absolute. Good crack.

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Ken Bruce does my nut in - his voice just annoys me!
If not driving, talksport is my channel of choice.
But I may give this capital gubbins a go.

Nice shout, Jes. :+1::heart:

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Not allowed to listen to music while at work (tight Indian owners wont pay for license) UNLESS it’s nighshift cos no gaffers r in :smiley: then via work PC it’s Greatest Hits radio, a very nice mix of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s with such DJays as Pat Sharp, Simon Mayo, Mark Goodier, Paul Gambaccini to name a few. Available also on teh radion on MW FM DAB or freeview or tinterweb.