Car Help?


Few car buffs here so maybe someone has an idea what may be wrong with my car?

Was out last night about 6pm not for long, drove ok no indications of issues. This morning went to start it and first attempt I got the sound of like the battery was dying and not enough power to start it. I left it for a few seconds to try again and this time all I got was like a very fast “whirring noise” Also as it does it the display and warning lamps seem to blinker almost like lose connections.

When I put the ignition on I get a warning lamp for steering. I also get an ERROR for EBS and warning for the right indicator bulb?? Weird. Also the break pedal seems to be very rigid, like stuck.

So any ideas? Not that Il be able to fix them but just so I can prepare myself for likely costs.

Its a VW Golf 16.tdi 2011 model

Cheers ZiiP


Sounds like your battery. Wife has had similar issues with the cold this week. Had to get her a new battery yesterday

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@Hammy seems to have been.

Managed to get a neighbour to try and jump start it to no avail. Got a loan of the old mans car and acquired a new battery. Just fitted it and all good! So far so good anyway.

Cheers fella.