Ccleaner Hacked

Anyone here use it? If so, either unistall it or update it.

Users of Avast-owned security application CCleaner for Windows have been advised to update their software immediately, after researchers discovered criminal hackers had installed a backdoor in the tool. The tainted application allows for download of further malware, be it ransomware or keyloggers, with fears millions are affected. According to Avast’s own figures, 2.27 million ran the affected software, though the company said users should not panic.

Further investigation found the CCleaner download server was hosting the backdoored app as far back as September 11. Talos warned in a blog Monday that the affected version was released on August 15, but on September 12 an untainted version 5.34 was released. For weeks then, the malware was spreading inside supposedly-legitimate security software.

Read this yesterday.

Only effects the 32bit version - so don’t panic unless you are using the version effected. Apparently the company got sold on and then dodgy bullshit happened.

The fact it can be hacked at all would put me off ever touching it again.

Official Announcement:

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Just been reading up a bit more on this, 1st of never realized ccleaner was owned by Avast, I’ve been using their av for the past 10 odd years. Also, haven’t used or update ccleaner on my pc for months, so will do that tonight.

Is any piece of software non-hackable? Probably not, its more how the company deals with the hack is how to judge them.

I believe I’m using 64-bit… Fekin hope so…

GREAT heads up, btw :slight_smile:

It gets more fun: