CES 2018. Nerds R us. Cool

Well, the Beeb have reports already. AR seems to be strong, along with trying to get VR controllers dialled in. Main VR headline is a complete bodysuit…

I like the smaller “headlines”, e.g. the wine aerator, the cone of silence and the epic anti-snoring eye-mask.

Please keep me informed of websites etc so we can get our nerd on :slight_smile:

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ARS have coverage.

So far they’ve covered:


Along with the “Wall” Samsung showed off. They have spoken about their 2018 models, sounds like they going all in.

75"+85" only spoken about at the moment.

8K Display with AI image processing to upscale all lower resolution content.

10,000 local dimming zones resulting in a peak brightness of 4,000nits.

1:1 HDR tone mapping, HDR10+, HLG and eARC.

Variable Refresh Rate for game mode and 15ms being claimed.

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Liking thenew Vive announced. Hiver resolution. Integrated headphones redesigned headstrap. Looks lile its going to be a sell up model though. No price point announced. Wpuldnt be surprised if its launching around 999.

But super excited for the official vive wireless kit. No more trailing cable to get tangled in.

I was JUST reading about that, Scotteh! :slight_smile:

And there is a wireless do-hickey that you can get for it too to make it completely cable-free.

He said that :stuck_out_tongue: Pay attention, you mad, axe wielding, scandanavian speaking, dear wrasslin’ Oirish mentalist :wink:


Too tired. Not enough coffee.


:manhugs: other random words…

For reference, the first link I posted for Arstechnica is updated with each new article they release so you can go straight to their CES coverage with just that link.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42619807 Intersting read, at the end.

TL:DR - skip to the bottom few paragraphs re productivity.