Ch Ch Ch Changes

I think this forum has lost its way a bit, of which I take personal responsibility for because I know I instigate some of it.

ZiiP has always been an escape from real shit - and over the past few years, as our gaming has become less and stuff in the news has become more divisive, so have opinions in the community and frankly, between friends.

It’s never, ever, my intention to piss people off in my ramblings. So, Sorry @Buggsy @vredesbyrd and others that we may not have seen eye to eye on.

In honesty, a couple of weeks ago I thought I was done - and it was time to call it a day. But, well - We’re actually one of the oldest remaining communities out there… and through all our differences, experiences and opinions - we are awesome. If we were all the same, it’d be boring.

So it is time for a refresh and a rethink about what this forum and community should be about: More games, technology, robots, jokes, music… all the things were enjoy as a pastime. What needs to be removed, is the politics, the news, Brexit, the bad stuff. Sure - it exists, but the the world is full of bubbles and ours is a nice one.

I don’t mean to sound hypocritical because I am more than guilty of causing the divides through my own opinion. All I will say, is that I do so not to cause division - but to engage debate. However, it is evident that those debates are not needed here. and for that I am sorry.

I will be closing a few threads and they will work their way to the bottom of the stack. We will now leave anything political firmly at the door.

Still, Love you all - and respect you all.



Opinion is opinion - it’s personal. Doesn’t mean it’s fact! :wink:

We’re are allowed different opinions and I like that we can and do have! I don’t see it as any kind of falling out, just an exchcange of views. Which again, we’re allowed to have.

We’re adult enough (well most of us - sorry about being sulky occassionally!) to deal with it and not let it affect our overall friendships!

Keep on keeping on, you magnificant bastards. :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And, just to be clear - HUGE apologies to you guys who I piss off / rile from time to (drunken) time. It’s absolutely unintended. I know I can be an absolute arse when I’ve had too many. It’s kind of like shaking a pottle of pop - the top comes off and it explodes everywhere. Shows and underlying issue at the time.

It’s not an excuse, as it’s simply not good enough by me.

So yep, big sorry folks. I shall do better.


It’s not about containing opinions mate - and I don’t think anyone has been so pissed off as to break up a friendship… its just, there are certain topics that are quite split. Everyone will have their view and those views won’t change, generally. So it risks becoming an argument because human nature is not to lose face in what we believe in.

If we were a political party or group it would make sense to harsh out ideas and opinions. We’re not though, so we risk going around in circles.

All of us tend to surround ourselves in a bubble of similar minded individuals. Makes sense. But it is health to understand that others may have a broadly different view of the world than you do. Being in an echo chamber isn’t healthy.

However, I don’t feel that ZiiP should be the place for this. We’re about other, more relaxing, things.


Agreed. Emotive topics are exactly that! And we all have our own sentivities and sensibilities. :+1:

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Get on Discord @Leepants

It’s too complex for me! :laughing:

I just in a meeting… I do have a log in.

hehe - didn’t mean this second. Whenever you are free… quite a few faces on and nice to be able to chat

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I logged on. I remember why it annoyed me - “bleep bleep” and pop ups… I’ll figure out how to sort it.

right click on the server icon on the left, menu appears, select notifications. You can control things there for the entire server - or I think if you want to be notified on certain channels, you can do that too I believe.

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We need to ‘Re-Group’ …as a group… ?! lol

A few ‘Scheduled’ game nights could be a good start?

Yep, gaming would be good. Get on Discord. Easier to see who is on and who is playing what

Ch Ch Ch Chivalry 2.

You should all play Chivalry 2. It’s a glorious chaotic mess.

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I was in the beta for that… but never got around to it. Much different from the original?

Thoughts on Chivalry 2

It feels a little less janky maybe? But that might just be that Chivalry feels dated. Most of my comparisons are with Mordhau because i played a bunch of that last year. It’s a lot more accessible and less twitchy than that for sure, but then it was a lot twitchier and less accessible than original Chivalry.

It’s far from perfect. It’s stupid, and unbalanced, there are map exploits (you can get to stupid places, also a feature of Mordhau), and archers are universally hated. The public chat is (imho) significantly less racist than Mordhau, it’s mostly archer hate and complaints about people not playing the objective. Never get the sense anyone’s using an aimbot. Occasionally you spawn and you’re not animated below the waist (cue slide whistle for comedic effect). You will die many times because a team mate hits you in the back or side, interrupting your attack, repeatedly, because the melee is an appropriate amount of carnage.

But it’s so much fun. frustrating and infuriating and gloriously satisfying when it goes right fun. In any team mode you’re so rarely 1v1 more than a few seconds, so the outcome of any fight is out of your hands, which is quite liberating. The first time you win 1v2 you feel like a fucking god, and charge into the next combat assured of your superior strength and ability, and immediately get your head taken off by a peasant with a shovel.

It’s also one of those games I can get into enough I start moving my chair around as a reaction to trying to avoid getting hit, so i must like it.


I see they’ve put a more mainstream price tag on it. CD Keys is down to £!7 - I’m sure it’ll be in a Steam Sale. From having no games to play, I’m currently making a list…

I’d be up for trying chivalry 2! Had a lot of fun with the first

same here!!

politics are bad … i avoid talking about it now or i see a white rage

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