Champions League last-16 draw


Whats peoples thoughts? Tough draw for Chelsea and Spurs. Looking forward to the Real/PSG match.

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And we’re out unless Barca don’t turn up


Spurs will struggle I think. They must know that they are not going to win the CL - so should be putting effort into getting into the top 4… or top 5.

Conte has said that Chelsea is out the running for the PL title at the weekend - whether you believe that or not is anyone’s guess - but could mean that they focus on the CL… saying that, Barca haven’t lost a game in the La Liga and Chelsea aren’t on top form… so good luck with that.

It’s going to be a PSG - Barcelona final, lets be honest…


While its a tough draw for Spurs, Juve aren’t as good this year as they have been. I think Spurs will fancy their chance there. Real shoud be PSG 1st real test this year, could go either way and you know it will be billed as Ronaldo vrs Neymar.