Chaps, a question

I have a female friend who has has never heard of the terms…

  • Flicking the bean
  • Man in a boat

Could you ask your better halves if they have heard these terms as she thinks she is in the majority.

Hayley, obvs you can answer yourself.

Viva la ZiiP


First one yeah, second one no.

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Hayley says First yes, second no. - same answer for me.

Also, posts need a category. Not sure where to put this, so went with Food & Drink.


I’ve not heard either so I don’t think the missus would have either.

Morrow is on here, so I’ll let her answer for herself.

I would propose that “Entertainment” or “Saying Hello!” are also entirely valid.


First Yeah, second no. For both of us.

The first one yes the second one also yes but it never made sense to describe the clit as a man in a boat its more of a kayak


I knew @Buggsy would have heard of both. He probably invented the term.


Both for me too.

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Here is the church, here is the steeple, open up inside and eat all the people.

Also, Jes, the category:


Proving once again that he’s a national treasure.

p.s I’m just grateful he’s not my nation :stuck_out_tongue:

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My friend in cali loves the fact I know all the filth
I’ve taught her many a strange saying and the other day her fella was playing online and she called his mates a bunch of shit cunts… I’ve never been more proud :sob:


First one not the second

I was like this the first time Kate said “I’ll chunt you.”. It was beautifully used as well.

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Yes to both as well as many, many others.

Yep both of em