HBO Mini-series coming to Sky in early May. Not sure if it has been mentioned on here yet. Looks interesting…


That looks really good. I’m sure Russian media will be swarming all over it calling it “false information” :smiley:


Starts 7th May - 5 episodes I think


Watched the first one. Really really good.

Second one tonight or tomorrow, not really sure.


Think they are on Tuesday night n0tchy

Got them recording but not watched yet so looking forward to it

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Cheers Stookz

Yeah, very impressed. Real sense of dread and denial.

Got it recorded - just waiting for a time to be able to sit down and watch it

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Really looking forward to watching this, but I’m going to wait until the series is finished and then binge on it.

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Interesting show so far. Have not looked into the authenticity of this v real events. But if accurate some decisions just beggar belief.

I remember watching this on the news though and then heading to school being worried about fallout and growing an extra nose or something.


From what I remember they cut corners on the build and a safety system didn’t work but they figured meh it would be rite

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One of the lesser known Soviet policies.


Every time I read this I am reminded of these awesome lyrics:

Hello Bill, Chernobyl
I feel ill, hospital
On my masturbike

Love to know if anyone else knows where that is from.

Ok. I never heard of it. But I feel enlightened after using the powers of google and spotify.

The whole thing is a masterpiece of comendy gold.

The full 1989 or 2004 versions. Fucking hilarious.

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I’ll try to find a better source since the subtitles aren’t in English but the narration is - regardless this is one of the better documentaries on the topic and unless you don’t know much about what happened and prefer to find out through the series, watching this first might give you a better insight so you avoid missing some of the significant parts that there isn’t much exposition for.

For example:

The weird high-pitched whine you hear a bunch in scenes around/in the reactor (they really should have been able to hear that fire…), the graphite blocks (NOO DON’T PICK THAT THING UP!!!), the taste of metal (Hello Radioactive Iodine), the flakes of ‘snow’ (Death flakes), the wide-angle shots of that forest near the reactor (The Red Forest!), the three guys from the second episode (the ones with adamantium balls), the limits on the detectors (Good Ol’ Soviet Russia)…


I saw the first episode - loved it. I know a little bit about a little bit about such things cos reasons, so I found it abso-fekin-lutely terrifying as I know the results, the speed (or lack of, sometimes) regarding dosage and just that EVERYTHING is death, basically. I’d prefer the fire bit.
And seeing the exposed “balls” etc through the collapsed wall of the core… “There is no core”… Well, there is, but it’s now just killing / killed a LOT of folk. Can’t bee seen, nor smelt, just does it’s thing. For an awful, awful long time.

Scary shit and not much scares me. Sieverts do.


Watching 1st ep now :slight_smile:

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Wow. That hits hard. Good watch.


IBMD IMBD IBMD IDMB - whatever - has just voted this the second best series ever.

I half way through the latest episode. It still effects me! Is bonkers.

Also, if you like this, try The last Panthers. It’s not the same, but I found it dark and a little harrowing. I DO have history with a lot of it so that may be why, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It may annoy some cos of Political stuff, but I would still recommend it.


Gone to number one now Pnats.

Holy fuck the make-up for the latest episode is bonkers. It just keeps getting more and more horrific. Just fucking shoot me if I had an inkling I would suffer that.

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