Chose a Google Pixel 2 XL for phone upgrade :D

Have always been intrigued by the Google phones and the Pixel 2(+XL) have been getting really good reviews.

£44 P/M for 10GB data and unlimited calls/texts (Pretty sure this is the standard now)

I’ll be saving £14 P/M - Yup my S7 Edge contract was stupid expensive!

Selling my S7 Edge to pay off the renaming few months of the device plan, leaving me with around £60 to pocket :slight_smile:

The Pixel 2 XL is the 64GB variant, with no expandable storage (Slight bummer). However comes with Unlimited storage on Google Photos with no compression (including 4K videos) till Jan 2021, after this they are still available to view, but no longer upload (Will more than likely upgrade in 2 years anyways)

FYI - I have no idea who Jenny is and I am not meeting her for dinner haha



I’d have a Pixel 2 for the sole reason that you’d probably get the least bloatware compared to other providers, and you know you’ll get the latest OS updates first.


Absolutely! It’s on 8.1 I believe and gets support for 3 years. My S7 Edge is still on 7.0 haha

I have never owned a google phone but I have been tempted many times in the previous generations.

I like Sony phones due to them running very close to stock android with a few Sony customisations here and there to things like the camera software, gallery and audio/visual apps.

I’m not a fan of all the stuff that Samsung do to the android UI let alone the other stuff that gets loaded on.


Loved my Z3. Was a great phone.

How was dinner with Jenny?

He had 60pds to spent on it, so I hope they went to a fancy restaurant!?

Its simply far too big for me.

Were the icons not burning on to the screen on that one or has that been fixed?

That’s what she said.


I believe that’s been fixed or at least lessened, they seem rather quick at rolling fixes out.

I had the OnePlus One, Two and the when the Pixel One came out I tried it, but it unfortunately only wins in the media stuff. I got the OnePlus Three at the time and gave my Pixel to my eldest - who loves it as he listens to music all the time. I had a look at the Pixel Two, but again it loses out dramatically to the OnePlus Five - so once again I went with the OnePlus.

It depends really what your use case is. If you like video or music on your phone and live in an area with good connectivity and have a cheap/free plan, it is great. I don’t like video or music on my phone - I prioritise battery life, processing power, photo quality in imperfect scenarios, and a sharp screen.

If your use case is like mine, get a OnePlus - zero bloatware (yes, even less than Google) and patches are usually 2-4 days behind Google (or faster if you go down the Cyanogen route)

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2-4 days behind Google is pretty damn fast for updates… Samsung is like 4-6 months… if you are lucky…

Not so much! :joy::joy:

Well it’s safe to say I really like the “selfie” camera’s portrait mode!

I shall report back after a week’s usage.


Really brings out the grey in your bread! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Mate it skipped grey and went straight to white mostly.

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Hows the lens? Did it repair ok? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s impressive image quality

Good image quality indeed