Chose a Google Pixel 2 XL for phone upgrade :D


Here’s a few more pictures and screen shot of battery usage for today so far.

Edit - That’s with just over 4 hours screen on time also.


You are tempting me to change to this when my contract is up. Though going to see how the razor phone performs also. Though just read it’s not out on o2. Balls


Yeah I believe that is only on Three, not sure if forever or just to start with. The Razor Phone has great speakers and battery from what I’ve heard, because it’s built for gaming the battery is beast for every day usage. But most other things are lacking (other than the 120hz display - when optimised for more apps)

I am thoroughly enjoying the Pixel 2! It even has a feature in which when you squeeze and let go of the phone it opens up the Google Assistant (You can fine tune the squeeziness required) At first I thought that this would be a gimmick, but I’ve found myself using it quite a lot, mostly for quick google searches, setting timers/reminders etc.


07:55 put phone on charge, battery on 13% 6hrs45 on screen time, 33hrs36 since full charge. 08:15 charge is at 36%

So far so good :slight_smile:


Really really liking this phone, from everyday usage, videos and the camera. :smiley:

Here’s a couple of 240fps Slo-Mo videos I took earlier.

(Not sure how to embed videos, unless uploaded to YouTube)


@VirulentPip, You going to upgrade to the Google Pixel 3?


By the time my update is due the 4 will be out haha. But I am loving my 2. @NastyPasty


Wow, that image quality is insane for a phone. How do you feel the batery life is? From your pictures I guess its kinda decent? Light use, around 1day? How is the responsiveness?

I’m kinda tempted by the Pixel 3! I want to gift my mother my older Samsung A3 (love the little bastard) as she might get some good use out of it and my father would enjoy the gps feature (she gets lost frequently). The map function would be ideal for her!

Not sure yet, bit expensive upgrade.


I’m quibbling over an upgrade at the minute and connot believe how fucking expensive phone contracts have gotten - I thought they were expensive 2 years ago when we got our current one!

A month out of contract at the moment and really don’t know what to do because we only really want the LG G7 but the contracts for it are crazy (thats if you can find a carrier that offers it!), there are none in showrooms to have a quick squeeze of and buying it outright will cost £1200 for both of us THEN the price of a SIM only contract.

Been having a look at the Xiaomi phones as well, but the Mi Mix 3 isn’t out for a bit in the UK and it’ll probably cost just as much.

Currently just genuinely considering fucking off vodafone all together (No, Vodafone, I don’t like you adding on any charge you fucking feel like so I literally never pay the price I thought I’d signed up for, that is not my jam), switching to BT mobile for the existing customer bonuses (which work out more than 50% cheaper than our current combined contracts) and refurbing our LG G5s and doing that for a year until we can pick up either a Mi Mix 3 or an LG G7 cheaper than they are now.

This thread is making me think a little bit about a Pixel now though.

Smart phones irritate the shit out of me. Why is so much time spent on new features when the biggest feature most people want out of their phone is a battery that doesn’t shit its self if you watch a few youtube videos? Gimme a 4200mah battery, an OK camera, stock android, a fast CPU, good chunk of RAM and internal memory, an SD card slot and a decent screen and I’d happily forego the 1 million megapixel cameras, unlock your phone with your gooch, order a lama assistant buttons, 4 dimensional screens and a 19th connection method I’m never gonna use.


Get a Nokia Classic.


@vredesbyrd I’m paying 34 a month on O2 for 15 GB data and unlimited mins/messages for the Huawei p20 pro and I can easily say it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. Their os is as close to stock android I’ve seen without having to root or flash and the camera is unreal. Phone is quick as too. You might even be able to get it cheaper now as the p20 pro mate is out.


This is also not my jam! But they’ve the best signal strength in my area/areas i frequent. And they stopped letting you share data between contracts; if it wasn’t for finding out i can get a staff discount my monthly bill would’ve gone up quite significantly, and i’m still annoyed that i could’ve gotten a discount applied 18 months ago but was never told.

I just want a smaller fucking phone. at this rate they’ll turn into A4 pieces of paper we can roll up, but that still won’t be more convenient than something that can comfortably fit in any pocket and be used one handed.

I’m now wondering how difficult it would be to get a small ‘dummy’ handset with a backup battery and just stick an apple watch to the front/top (and possibly a mechanical keypad that connects as a bluetooth device to the lower half?). That’s about the size and curvature of a ye olde phone screen right? If anyone wants to make a kickstarter for that i’d back it. And i don’t even wear a watch.