Chose a Google Pixel 2 XL for phone upgrade :D


Here’s a few more pictures and screen shot of battery usage for today so far.

Edit - That’s with just over 4 hours screen on time also.


You are tempting me to change to this when my contract is up. Though going to see how the razor phone performs also. Though just read it’s not out on o2. Balls


Yeah I believe that is only on Three, not sure if forever or just to start with. The Razor Phone has great speakers and battery from what I’ve heard, because it’s built for gaming the battery is beast for every day usage. But most other things are lacking (other than the 120hz display - when optimised for more apps)

I am thoroughly enjoying the Pixel 2! It even has a feature in which when you squeeze and let go of the phone it opens up the Google Assistant (You can fine tune the squeeziness required) At first I thought that this would be a gimmick, but I’ve found myself using it quite a lot, mostly for quick google searches, setting timers/reminders etc.


07:55 put phone on charge, battery on 13% 6hrs45 on screen time, 33hrs36 since full charge. 08:15 charge is at 36%

So far so good :slight_smile:


Really really liking this phone, from everyday usage, videos and the camera. :smiley:

Here’s a couple of 240fps Slo-Mo videos I took earlier.

(Not sure how to embed videos, unless uploaded to YouTube)