Christmas present for myself (Choosing a new gaming monitor)

Thoughts on the below. Going to get a new monitor for myself at Christmas using whatever monies I get for it and my birthday.

Looking for something around this price.


Monitor purchasing is more complex than it used to be. It really depends on what you want it to do.

For example, there are still hi-end 1920x1080 monitors being released - but they have stupidly high refresh rates like 200+Mhz - obviously you need a GFX card good enough to hit high FPS to meet that. Great for gaming, especially competitive.

If however, you’re using it for work stuff, then you might consider 2650x1440 or full 4K (if your machine can cope). Same for watching films etc.

Then you have the difference between TN/IPS/OLED screens - which will determine compromise between 1ms refresh rates - good for gaming or if you need blacker blacks (for films) or direct colour representation (for work).

Finally, is 28" the max/min size you’d go?

Echoing what Jes is saying, you’ve got to pick your “Need” for the monitor.

If you can push 4K at 60Hz, then happy days!

If not, then definitely consider a step down and look at the 1440p screens. If you’re sitting close enough, you’re really not going to notice anything.

I personally still stand by my ultra-widescreen choice, but I also know that Jes’ 2560x1440 screen is a damn solid buy too.

28 inch is about as big as I can go. It’s purely for gaming. Should be able to push 4k with my rig.

Running 4K on a 2060 might hurt a bit fella.

Here’s what myself and Jes both have (I think we both have the same model anyway).

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Will check when I get home. See if I can push it that big. Don’t want to take up too much room as it’s besides the wife’s working space

Nah, I’m on a GTX970 still lol - that’s no likely to change anytime soon. I’m running an AOC screen which is awesome, but I have started to get light bleed on the left edge.

So, a 2060 @ 4K on Ultra will give you about 30-40FPS on average (bare in mind CPU differences)

With a 60Hz Screen like you were initially looking at, it would be fine. The question is, are you happy with 30-40FPS gaming? Single player… probably. Multiple player… tough one. Although in MP you’d just turn the settings down a bit. It’s a TN monitor, so you’ll get good pixel repsonse, but poorer colour quality and viewing angles.

Other options:

First up, lets look at 27" monitors, because that is more common than 28"

This is 120hz (overclocked to 144hz) running a VA display (so better blacks/colours than TN). Response is 4ms (instead of 1ms you’d get on TN) but that is still extremely good. Resolution is 2560x1440 and is a curved screen. Only £249

For an extra 100 notes, you can get:

Which is still a VA screen but does have the 1ms response time.

Now, thinking outside the box, if you are tight for space - this is nice:

Still 2560x1440 and still with 120hz refresh (4ms response) - the bezel is pretty much invisible and doesn’t come with a standard stand. Certainly space saving - and looks funky as hell.

Anyhow - that’s the results of my quick checks for you.


Liking that curved screen one. I’m not fused if I can’t go 4k. Just running an old 22 inch job that the minute. Would like something a bit bigger and better.

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You’ll never go back to a small screen again. :slight_smile:


Agreed. Love my 32"

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Do have a 27 and 24 in work. Like the 27. Might see if I can push 32 but space is tight.

They do a 32 inch version of the curved screen for 289. That might work


The conversation with the wife needs to start.

“Darling, you know how, in life, bigger is generally better…”


Tried that, she said my belly doesn’t count.


Hammy, have a gander at this! :smiley:
Might be worth a punt!

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Thoughts on these two??

Asked for thoughts well… look at reviews, something that looks at the ammount of ghosting. The responce times are usually said to be 1ms but that is most of the time with overdrive and that can cause the ghosting effect.
Also freesync might be a moot point unless you have an AMD card or the monitor is in the supported list for NVIDIA(the ones that do not need the gsync module).
Now I think that at the moment the sweet spot would be to get a 1440p with 144hrz(as long as your GFX can push that).
Hardware unboxed has a few good videos in relation to monitors.

Think I might get this one. Thoughts? My knowledge on monitors isn’t great hence the questions.

Consider this one:

Same resolution. Same IPS panel. 1ms response though compared to 5ms response. Cheaper too.

Haven’t looked at reviews though. But worth considering.

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I would be suspicious of a 1ms IPS panel at that price. Go to the Acer site and double check. I found a lot of conflicting info when I researched my monitor. Also, as said earlier, if you have a Nvidia card , a g-sync monitor would be more beneficial unless they have sorted out the cross manufacturer syncing yet.