Close Combat

I played these a LOT back a few years ago. RTS stuff, management is critical. Recently rebought “old” ones via Steam.

New one just out.

My worry is that too much effort in “3D” and not enough on gameplay. Standard £30-ish on Steam. Not on CDkeys yet.

Anyone any suggestions of where else to look? :slight_smile:

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Just had a quick flick through the usual suspects, and no one is stocking it who I would trust.

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I skimmed through a review on RPS earlier on today for this.

Massive system performance drops at some points, possibly due to the line of sight calculations. Weird tank AI behaviour in places and a few other things which suggest that you’re right in your assumption on the 3D Pnats!

Ever look at the Sudden Strike games?

I saw you recently got AirLand Battle as well!

I think I had / have a Sudden Strike game somewhere…

It was “ok”, but I proper enjoyed the CC games. VERY unforgiving and LOS is an absolute key thing.

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Sudden Strike 2. If you ain’t got officers in towers with bino’s - you’re fucked.

I haven’t played 3 or 4 (newest came out last year?), but I did dabble with 1 & 2 years ago.

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How did you find it?

Early ones are PROPER cheap on Steam…

Bought a bundle for ss4. So far, so good! Only criticism is that I’d like to zoom out more. :grin:

Challenging enough, but SO micromanagy as CC.