CNN News Crew arrested live on air

Fuck’s sake America.

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What the actual fuck. Could you imagine the protests and resignations if that happened in the UK?

And I was meant to be going to New York today

It’s so fucking blatant. Not like some shaky footage behind some protestors and the crew getting hit with stray gas/rubber bullets. Nope. The guy checks his gun multiple times in between firing a few off.

It’s like the Russian, Ukrainian and Hong Kong riot police.

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I was thinking about this, should probably go in shower thoughts.

I’ve seen people saying “Look at the Police’s reaction! Look at the riot-shields and baton rounds! Look at Trumps fascist America. Look at the Totalitarian Dystopia!”

Let’s fight! RIOT!

But that kind of leads to a self fulfilling prophecy. You create carnage, and your violence is met with equal, if not more powerful violence… and then you scream more about how fascist the government is.

To some people, that is what they want. A war.

But MLK showed that true protest is about preserving the message with rational thoughts. I think you can be so repressed that you are fearless of dying - and your opposition should be made aware of that. That you are willing to lay your life on the line for a cause.

But it doesn’t mean rioting/violence is the right course of action. It doesn’t mean you’ll get the outcome you desire.

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Especially not with such a volatile POTUS.

Enter the Contrarian!

Don’t be too quick to dismiss those rioters as having nothing to do with Floyd George. Absolutely there will be opportunistic assholes using it as an excuse for a quick smash and grab or random vandalism. But equally there are large numbers of people who feel sidelined, un-represented, victimised, ignored, beat on and abused. Who feel that the entire infrastructure of their predicament is based on generations of control. Who see cops getting away with murdering their friends and family. Who see a president propping up racism everywhere he goes. There’s a fucking boiling fury in a huge number of people, who can’t see a better way to express this fury than to lash out at everything around them. The system is rigged and they know it. It does not take much for grief in those circumstances, to turn into hatred.

I’m not excusing it. I’m not saying this describes everyone rioting. There are definitely opportunistic asshats. But there’s also those who have had that knee on their throats their whole life.

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There is also, and I hesitate to say this, the possibility that “inciters” have been brought in from out of town…


Seen a few things on Imgur of people smashing places up, setting up massive bonfires and looking distinctly “out of place”




Check out this crazy bloke

100% get that - This is a pot that has being boiling up in America for some time.

If protesters turn violent, that’s their provocative. If they loot, they’re idiots. Who they hurting? Trump? Hell no. He don’t care. It just gives him an excuse to look like he’s being proactive taking on these mindless thugs.

Destroying your own neighbourhood just leaves it in more squallor. Money ain’t gonna come from from capital hill to make it all better again.

America has been here before. Riots have happened before like in LA (Rodney King) and other places - and still cops murder black men. So it is safe to say that whilst violence may act as a valve on the boiling pot… It doesn’t change anything.

I don’t have an answer to what they should do. Boycott is the next obvious. The Black & African-American population makes up about around 13% of the US. White is about 72%. There are a lot of white people equally as sickened by this, so it shouldn’t just be a black struggle - not in regard to pursuing action. When I say boycott, I mean literally everything. Actors refuse to act, Sportsters refuse to play. People don’t buy non essentials. Make it obvious that life isn’t normal.

You mention Trump - Getting Trump out of office isn’t the endpoint because these problems existed before Trump. I don’t know what is.

How do you fix a problem like America?

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Just watched the video of Killer Mike. Articulated perfectly.


As Al Murray says: “It was a good idea that got a bit out of hand.”


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I know the national guard was called in but it’s still very bizarre to see this happening

Fucking hell. Hearing Police/National Guard shout “Light em up” - They residents must have wondered for a split second what was about to be fired at them…

Also, standing on their property surely doesn’t break curfew. I smell a lawsuit brewing on this one - literally being attacked for no reason.


Blinded in one eye.

Aaaaaaand another:

Fucking hell America.

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