COD does PUBG (China Only)

A CALL OF DUTY Battle Royale mode is being released in China, with the region’s Call of Duty Online game being bolstered with a game type that is reportedly similar to PUBG.

Tencent will be bringing a brand new ‘survival mode’ to Call of Duty Online in December, with the 18 player PvP mode pitting competitors against one another in an arena with a game show theme. Like PUBG, the Call of Duty Battle Royale mode will see players having to forage for their own weapons and resources, all while trying to avoid their rivals.

I’m amazed that Activision allowed the Call of Duty license to go out to that. I mean, graphically, it looks fucking terrible - like 10+ years out of date. I swear some of those plant textures were on a 2D plane. Everything with perfectly straight lines with texturing to match. Rooms lit up but with no light source… looks like early Counterstrike…

why put effort in when you know it’ll sell because it’s CoD, the game with a marketing budget that outweighs most game and film production budgets. putting more into it would cost, and i suspect they’re happy with the level of market saturation they’ve achieved and don’t see the point in investing in the game any further.

Adding a battle royale mode is an obvious step, because it’s easier than creating characters/classes and copying 5v5/6v6 based stuff like overwatch/R6/dirty bomb and trying to balance it, but given i’ve got plenty of battle royale games already (pubg and arma 3 being the main ones), this isn’t enough to make me buy a CoD which was thoroughly unimpressive in the beta.