CoD WW2 Free MP weekend on Steam

Also, it’s 35% off. I know! An actual discount for a CoD game!

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I could be tempted with to try this, though out all Saturday.

I bought it anyway. Worth a punt.

Is it a tenner?


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I have been waiting for this to come down in price. May also aquire this. But probably have to wait a week to play it!

Fook. 80GB Download. 3 days 15 hours is my estimated dl time!! lol Free weekend will be over.

80Gb?! Fucking hell.

Think I will give it a miss…

No way, not doing MP on that even if it is free

MIght pass to at 80gb

Played some MP. Not bad if you like run and gun and don’t take it at all seriously.

I’m still tempted to buy it while on offer. I quite enjoyed the running and gunning in the beta.

Shipment map. Ahh memories.

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Noticed that. Best rounds I ever had was on that map

Looks like it’s under 30 quid for a few more hours today