COD WW2 - SIngle Player

Sorry - That’s the first hour of the single player campaign… Why on EARTH would anyone want to watch that? It’d be like a movie having a trailers… and showing the first 40 minutes of the film.

The cinematics, the atmosphere, the story - that’s the reason to buy the game… not to watch someone else playing it.

That’s a really bad marketing decision - and makes me think that Activision have no pride or value in their own product.

Note: I’m not digging at you posting this Mic - I’m more amazed that Nvidia/Activision thought it was a good idea.

---- EDIT -----

Is the game actually out? If it is, it makes a bit more sense that a lets-play video is out… But still, my point kinda stands.

Game was out Friday @Jester but I agree with you. Why would you watch this if you wanted to play the game. Fair enough if it was the 1st 5 mins but an hour is just a bit too much.

Will wait for bargain basement pricing on this. Also not going to watch the single player footage as it would spoil the story.

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been watching it on YouTube as i know pretty much 99% im not going to be buying this.

Especially with all the WWII inaccuracy’s in it from the start. I know its not a accurate remake of WWII and its all about the action and immersion but still, the little things like the Germans on the D-Day beaches using PPSh’s???

Just dosent do it for me

I finished the campaign last night. Great fun :smiley: Some proper “CoD” moments. But awesome!

Only thing during the hour long video was you have to get med packs, ammo bags from your AI squad which was new.

This will be a bargain basement game for the single player campaign only

Been reading a LOT of complaints about this… there seemed to be more Russian weapons in Normandy than German weapons apparently…

I sort of expected something like that. They have to get their money some how, if they where only to put in the German weapons of that time, all the CoD fanboys would be complaining about the lack on guns and content. Plus, seen something the other day about a gun with a diamond skin! Why? Not like you had that stuff back then. If your doing WW1/WW2 try and keep it as close to the events as possible. Dont need guys running around with golden Lee Enfields or MG42. But thats just me, now days its all about the skins and loot packs

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Haven’t bought a COD game since World at War or was it Black Ops?? Anyhoo been boycotting the franchies since the anounncement of the P2P fiasco that was MW2. Nothing has changed, game wise just different skins imo. Loved the SP side but I aint paying stupid money to play half the game.

Yeah yeah I know, I pay the same sorta price for Wolfenstein games BUT BY GOD THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

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