Cold war microscope

The pathology department over here is planning on throwing away a load of old microscopes but I managed to save one, can’t beat good old fashioned west German products

However I think I may have gone a little overboard in grabbing some spare parts as I managed to get spare lenses and a few other parts so you can adjust height and even allow a second person to view slides at the same time IMG-20170905-WA0012

After WW2 the allied forces took company staff over to the west and so before reunification there was a company on both sides of Germany. As far as I can tell the microscope itself was made between 1954 and 1971,, the same period as the brass logo design in the first photo.

The microscope needs a transformer, massive is an understatement, and bulb to function, both at work, but everything seems to function well enough after testing by using my phone as flashlight. If I have any issues with getting it up and running I’ll see about buying a LED kit for it as it turns out that there is a rather large hobbyist market for vintage microscopes

All in all a nice little bit of mass produced history.