Command and conquer remasters. maybe

some producer announcing they’re going to do some community engagement faff with a view to remastering the original games.

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Seen something about this earlier. I’d love a remastered red alert or something. A new game would be nice too, though they must keep the game play the same for me.

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yeah the majority of responses are filled with mistrust that it’ll become something no one wants/profitable.

I enjoyed them through to RA3, though RA2 was probably the peak for me. I do feel there’s a gap in the market for that sort of RTS with a strong campaign or two but i don’t know if anyone will ever get one made.

I wonder how many of the original Westwood team are still with EA?

Agree with that, Cant think of any game in a c&c style in a very long time. Well since Sup Com


None. The studio was closed which, with EA, involves repurposing the staff as nourishment for their other soon to be closed studios.


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Westwood !!! that’s a name I’ve not heard for ages!

Well, since we know they are coming out, let’s use the dedicated thread from yester-year.