Command and conquer remasters. maybe

some producer announcing they’re going to do some community engagement faff with a view to remastering the original games.

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Seen something about this earlier. I’d love a remastered red alert or something. A new game would be nice too, though they must keep the game play the same for me.

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yeah the majority of responses are filled with mistrust that it’ll become something no one wants/profitable.

I enjoyed them through to RA3, though RA2 was probably the peak for me. I do feel there’s a gap in the market for that sort of RTS with a strong campaign or two but i don’t know if anyone will ever get one made.

I wonder how many of the original Westwood team are still with EA?

Agree with that, Cant think of any game in a c&c style in a very long time. Well since Sup Com


None. The studio was closed which, with EA, involves repurposing the staff as nourishment for their other soon to be closed studios.


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Westwood !!! that’s a name I’ve not heard for ages!

Well, since we know they are coming out, let’s use the dedicated thread from yester-year.



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Pre-installed. :grin:

I had a few beers and decided it was a good idea… :roll_eyes:

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EA have:

allowed something good to happen?
put it on steam?
not filled it with micro transactions?
listened to feedback?
appear to have…given a shit?

Truly, the end times.


It is alarming that its looking like a no nonsense game with no MTX or crazy online only shit, from EA of all people.

Preloaded, very strange unlock time though. 6pm UK :confused: Me and some mates have this ready to rock for the weekend.

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I hear that the EA lawyers have already made plans to buy a random, small independent game studio once this is launched - which will subsequently be closed down and everyone made redundant.

EA needs to maintain their image somehow.


You’ll have to let us know what it’s like!

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I chose to play WoT instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe tomorrow.

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Its excellent. Proper fan service, even has a revised installation procedure like it did back in the day, only modified to show the HD elements kicking in.

The graphics are excellent, controls are smooth, there’s zoom now, and it plays/sounds exactly like the original.

Proper fun, proper CnC. Get it,


I put on the original red alert 2 the other day. It was very dated and didn’t play well

I got it on Steam. Played a few missions - Whatever they’ve done with the cut scenes is very clever to get them looking so good and the hi-res graphics are great… but… I don’t know. I’ve got some amazing memories of C&C - and I think that’s where they need to remain. So, refunded.


if i ever have any desire to play old command and conquer games I usually just head to