Excited to play this, looks great! Not sure if will at launch though as currently juggling quite a few games as is.

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Who actually bought this? Whats your opinions? I’m not completly sold on it yet. Seems to be hit and miss when it comes to system stability, steam has a few topics about issues.

Other than that it looks stunning and has some really cool mechanics. What I don’t dig too much is that the game spoon feeds you everything constantly. She litterilly tells you her thoughts on everything.

Are the other parts of the game enough to pick it up? I might just wait for a sale on it.

I’m finishing off some other games first before picking it up :slight_smile:

Didn’t think they’d wait that long for the expansions, I might just hold off and get a complete edition next year.

I want to pick this up later in the year, it does look quite interesting

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In all honesty? I found it a bit meh… it got (in my opinion) very repetitive very quickly. I will add that I haven’t finished it yet…I’ll keep you posted!