Cool Tech Stuff Thread

Random thread for cool tech articles/etc that don’t exactly fit in the other threads.

Just read this and found it really interesting:

Analogue is about as good as digital guidance unless you put some of the guidance in the munitions as well.

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And another - this cool project:

Covered here:

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Saw this the other day and spat my drink out…


You not got it installed yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not really tech, but interesting:

No idea how they’re going to get it all out of there without basically ripping the hull around the room out.

I’m surprised the whole thing hasn’t collapsed by this point.

I’m very surprised that no one has tried to gain access to the cargo areas with all the super valuable stuff in it, a lot of which would still be there.

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They can’t. Been declared a grave site and shouldn’t be touch. Thomas Andrews, the designer is from my town. I went to Andrews Memorial PS and we did a lot of stuff on it


It’s really cool and refreshing to watch someone that knows what they’re on about react and comment on these things.

(Not all parts are out yet)

Pretty interesting article on how people are modifying their bodies

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Not commenting this way or that on what happened, or could have happened, in this case but it’s fascinating use of tech to virtually simulate a past event

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That is one really impressive web page. Just scanned through it on my phone and worked really well. Going to check it on the computer and a read it

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This is a cool adaptation on existing laser microphones used to read the vibrations in/on glass to eaves drop on conversations in a distant room:

Researchers from Israeli’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Weizmann Institute of Science today revealed a new technique for long-distance eavesdropping they call “lamphone.” They say it allows anyone with a laptop and less than a thousand dollars of equipment—just a telescope and a $400 electro-optical sensor—to listen in on any sounds in a room that’s hundreds of feet away in real-time, simply by observing the minuscule vibrations those sounds create on the glass surface of a light bulb inside. By measuring the tiny changes in light output from the bulb that those vibrations cause, the researchers show that a spy can pick up sound clearly enough to discern the contents of conversations or even recognize a piece of music.

Colour me unsurprised that it was Israel that put this together.


Given the flaws found in so many CPUs that were found way after development, I’m not sure adding hardware security is a good idea.

Feels a bit ‘clipper chip’-y.

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I wanted to be able to get to the Windows volume mixer quicker so found this app:

Pretty good.


Oh that is so damn useful. I have so many sound outputs - monitor, headset, soundbar, VR headset - some with virtual channels and weird stuff - being able to see all of them at once is perfect

For sure.

The project GitHub link :

Looks like GitHub is down though!!


Might try this!

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From the video description:

Over 700 arrested in ‘biggest ever’ UK operation.

The operation has seized £54m in
cash and Tonnes of drug.

This comes after a encrypted phone network was cracked.

The devices were “EncroPhones”, Mobiles that
claimed to offer complete anonymity with a
built-in secure operating system.

The product, priced at £1,500 for a six-month contract.

This attracted organised crime groups across Europe.

There were 60,000 users of the network worldwide
10,000 of which in the UK.

Officials said previously “untouchable”
kingpins were among those detained.

The platform was infiltrated by agencies in
France and the Netherlands, and shared via
Europol to partners including the UK.

Its said to be the “biggest and most significant”
operation ever against organised crime in the UK.




Not really “tech” but me wants!