Cool Tech Stuff Thread

That fucking pisses me off.

Why? Because Bezos knew that the value of amazon wasn’t just it what it sells but it the consumer data that it collects. That’s why its worth so much.

So that can analysis a metric shit-tonne of data about my buying habits… but they can’t run an algorithm to suss out fake reviews…


Amazon can feck off bunch of money grabbing, not giving a shit about anyone feckers. They make my job in returns a decking nightmare


This guy is such a transparent piece of shit:

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An interesting read. AI comes in peace.


Spoiler alert - Lian Li fans - Holy shit they are cool!

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Yeah I watched that. They look really the connection of each fan to create a group.

Yep unfortunately no bigger fans at the moment those are twelves.

RTX Quadro (Turing) Laptop anyone ?

Honestly had no idea ARM headquarters are in Cambridge… Nvidia will be making it a world class AI research facility! (obvs there’s a lot of political crap involved, BUT AI!)

I thought that ARM was sold out to an American/Japanese equity firm a LONG time ago.

Japanese conglomerate Softbank purchased for $32B 4 years ago.


MSi builds have been getting some nice reviews over on Hexus, HOWEVER in comparison benchmarks, believe it or not, Scans X3 systems have been trouncing them & at a much cheaper price.

Fair dues to MSi though, they are making some pretty sweet & extreme looking cases, a bit like how NZXT use to be.

I think I’m just to old to understand the appeal of that case.
One of the selling points is a gaming knob!, pfff I was rocking a turbo button on my 486 well before the designer of this abomination was in nappies.


It’s getting there :slight_smile:

I luffs gundams

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By the maximum pressure tested, electrical resistance vanished at 288K—that’s 15°C, or 60°F.

Nice! What is the catch?

By 240 GigaPascals, the critical temperature had risen to just -28°C.

Ha, and that isn’t even the maximum pressure tested. How do they recreate conditions similar to the insides of a gas giant?

These were placed in a diamond anvil along with some platinum electrodes to test their conductivity.

So, cool, but really impractical, at least right now for anything like scale.