Now then.

Computer fair local on sunday, so toying with liquid cooling fer my tower.

Not really needed, tbh - Division 2 on ultra gives 68 degrees on CPU and GPU is fine, but…

Got this case - and YouTube (and logic) says flow is a lot less with front mounted rad / water installed, obviously, cos metal shit in the way of air.

I have option of installing roof mounted rad to fire cooled air downwards. BUT! Knowing a teeny bit about flow dynamics, it’s obvious that if fans blowing cool in, it would disrupt front flow throughput due to opposing flow.
And if a front mounted rad, flow would be less, but likely air would be cooler.

I got 3 choices -

  1. Do nowt - leave alone, temps on Ultra are circa 65 - 68
  2. Install top rad to blow cold air down, potential flow interrupting, but would colder be better?
  3. Front rad - reduced flow but cold air in, bonus of extra filtering.

Halp? :smiley:


I would go with number 1. Or stick the rad on the top with the fans in a pull config.
I’m hoping you have an exhaust fan at the back, if you are putting the rad at the top then increase the exhaust fan speed.
Now that is the way I have things on my Corsair Air 540.


Do nowt. Temps are more than fine.

I’ve gone from all-in-one water-cooled setups to decent fan setups - because in honesty, they are so much more quieter and controllable - and unless you are ragging the tits off a CPU with overclocking, there is very little difference.

If you want to buy anything, get a kickass CPU air cooler by beQuiet or Noctua.



Cos i like gadgets I thought about it. But as temps are fine, WTF is the point in “wasting” circa £100?

Nowt runs bad, so no need to OC anything, so temps are fine.

As per Ravens advice, I went for the ryzen x (or +, I can’t remember) cos the cooler was betterer.

I shall leave it alone, then. And gets me moar time in bed on Sunday. With a real live gurl :scream:


Yep leave it and then you can think about it later on if you need to overclock it. That will be several years down the line.


I have my fans set up in kinda screw you physics way but my case is not exactly normal when it comes to fan placement.


Why would I expect anything different to “not normal” from j00? :sweat_smile::kissing_heart:


My case is speshul though :smiley:


cooling for lower temps would be a waste as the temps are fine. I’m assuming you’re good with whatever amount of noise your current cooling makes too?



Loving capslock. And cider


Ideal for j00! :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes: