Corsair Crystal 680X - possible replacement for Air 540?


Anyone seen any more info on this? It was up for pre-order on amazon, and this summary shows up on my wishlist and ‘items you’ve looked at’ but the actual listing isn’t there anymore. There’s a thread on bit but no extra information. it was available to pre-order for mid-march.


Looks like it could be a tidy replacement for the Air 540 if i can fit my radiators in.


There is a 280X that looks a bit like that but is small form factor. Now there has been talk on the Corsair forum for the past couple of years about getting a 680X(a larger version of the 280). This from the looks of it has been just chitchat between forum users. I personally don’t like the top glass piece on this 280. They should just do a 540 with a glass side panel and all metal panels on the outside. In any case there is still no replacement for the 540 :slight_smile:


@Adrock Have a look…


i’m with them on the marketing; if they’d jsut offer an alternative with jsut a mesh front i’d be all over it. the way i’d have it the front will be facing a wall or the side of the bookcase, so front glass isn’t a big deal.

the PC-011 will be a pain to fit my stuff in; it should all fit, but between hoses and radiator/motherboard clearance it’ll be tight and a pain to work with. i could switch to a pair of 360 radiators, but then the cost goes up enough that i may as well get something like a 1000d where fitting the radiators isn’t ever going to be an issue.

they’re all just fucking boxes anyway; someone should have a decent modular-internals offering by now, where i can say number of drives, radiators, psus, mb size etc, and have the required brackets and fittings added to whatever size metal box is required to hold them.


Yep. The 1000d might be a bit much :slight_smile:
A mesh front panel version of that 680 would be good.
I’m still happy with my 540. They should just make a new version it full metal and given me a god damn glass side. Obviously at the same type they could put some new stuff in such as removable plates for watercooling etc. I don’t think that is too much to ask.


yeah, it really just needs a rev2 with:

  • no 5.25 bays
  • no plastic grill over the metal grill over the fans
  • flat fan grills on top and front for ease of dusting
  • vertical GPU support bracket
  • metal front and top instead of the two plastic panels
  • glass window and hinged rather than removable side panels

bonus points if the front and top fan grills can be a single hinged bracket to make them easier to maintain.

the fact the 540 is still being sold is quite telling.


There is an Lianli O11 rev2 coming out. in thsi video starts at 6 minutes.