Crackdown 3


I did not realise this is coming out next week! Might have to fire the Xbox back up soon. After I finish Spiderman and then play rdr 2 and the 200000000000 other games coming out.

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Jesus this is out tomorrow too? Good lord, although this one I’m happy to wait for a sale.

Although being a Windows store game, do they do sales? :smile:

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What I heard of it wasn’t too good though. Massive downgrade on the destruction and otherwise it looks fairly average too.



The title alone stings:


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Ooof yeah the reviews I’ve seen aren’t great… Seems the wait was worth…:roll_eyes:



Shame i was hoping for a good reason to use my xbox

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I thought this was an interesting take on crackdown and the possible direction MS may be heading in



downloaded it yesterday put a few hours into ( thanks for a gamepass offer 2 months for £2)

plays like crackdown 1 an old game feels stuck in the past the even tho im playing as terry crews none of he’s personality is coming though it’s a damn shame.

it’s fun but for a short blast then im bored again

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So that’s the Xbox staying off for a while longer then