Crashing Issues

Anyone any ideas what could be happening with my rig and this game. While playing online, at a random point my screen will go black, and I lose all control of KBM, and monitor comes up as not connected. I can still hear people talking on ts for a while, then it will cut off. I can gain access to shared drives from my laptop. Only way to get the pc going again is a hard power off. Nothing coming up in event logs apart from a few DCOM errors. Only seems to happen with R6S.

I’ve reinstalled my drivers twice (clean install on the second go), though I can not roll back. Reinstalled the game last to but yet to test. And I can’t find anything online about it, though admittedly i’ve not looked too hard.

I should say my GFX is GTX970 running latest drivers.

Try renaming the following file:
C:\Users[your_username]\Documents\My Games\Rainbow Six - Siege[your_id]\GameSettings.ini
Then try launching the game. If that doesn’t work you can rename it back.

Just dumping this here for later

OK, it has now happened with work in conflict. Seems to be Uplay games

Get openhardware monitor, record gpu temps with it. See if it is overheating, if so them clean it.

nothing to do with the gpu temps, checked them the other night. ALso been on arma 3 now for about 40 mins with no crash. reinstall of uplay later

I remember you mentioning your GPU temps were low but did you record over time to see if there were any spikes?

Yeah, peaked about 75 or so.

That isn’t nearly enough for anything but maybe some thermal throttling, although I think Nvidia start throttling around 80oC?

On to the standard check list then:

  • Crack it open then clean and re-seat everything even the CPU if you have some TIM remover and paste.

  • Run the normal bench marky stuff with memtest and GPU benching with logging on, a good four or five hours for each if you can.

  • Deep driver clean: Install files, the shovel ware that comes with Nvidia stuff (I only install the PhysX and display driver these days and nothing else), registry entries, the lot

  • I think you’ve done this one, but: When you reinstall your drivers, only install literally the display driver and not the Nvidia suite rubbish

  • Fresh install

After that it would be on to swapping out parts until you’ve found which one is busted starting with your GPU.

I don’t think it’s the gpu as I played a good 2 hours on arma 3 with no issues at all.

No longer just r6s, happened in arma 3 there now. no errors

What is interesting is the longer loading you are clearly getting on R6? SSD? Arma and R6 on same drive?

How long have you had the motherboard the battery might be running low?

Both on same drive, 2 different apps both say ssd is ok.

At least 7 years old.

Also, left PC on over night night to download r6s, and its fine. So its not a time thing.

Removed and clean gpu and some fans this morning. You seemed a bit lose so going to move my desk around later incase I’m kicking it and not realising.

Stress ran on GFX, ran at 74 degrees with no issues. However, did install the stress test on a different drive to the games. Memory test has no errors.

Windows update today as well, need to play for a while to see what happens.

It’s fucking witchcraft

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Hammy just in case Windows updates have fucked up your gfx driver(did this to mine a while back) do a DDU on them and install again.

Done a full clean install the other night on them, mad no difference. Hoping this new update on windows might have fixed the issue, if not will move some games back onto my normal HDD to see if that makes a difference.

Since you mentioned something about COMMs errors, dig up the model of your board and update all of your chipset and other board-specific drivers and updating them from the manufacturer website.

Don’t rely on Windows to do it, download the latest versions from the actual manufacturer.