Crashing Issues

Its an old Asus P8P67 MB. BIOS hasn’t been updated on it since 2012. I’m one version out of date on it, so can’t see it making too much difference. I think its either the SSD failing or, could be my PSU dropping power. It is 6 years old now.

Sounds like a PSU issue to me. Maybe your caps are going and are failing to draw the required current hence why you are losing functions in a haphazard fashion. Have you tried a 12v and 5v power level monitor app that provides a log?

I’ve ran one app that records everything but only really checked the logs for temp. Will have a look at power later.

Asus board so it should have an option to reboot in case of over/undervolt situation happens on the PSU. Just depends if the PSU is returning the correct info.