Crazy RAM Pricing (Amazon One Day Deal - 0402/2020)

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3200 MHz DDR4 32 GB (16 GB x 2) - At less that £100 is just ridiculous. If you are running less than 16Gb and your mobo can take it, which it probably can, then get this and never have to worry about RAM for some time to come, imho.

Anyone know why RAM is so cheap at the moment? Over supply? or is DDR5 coming out? If it is over-supply, you could also buy this, sit on it, wait for a factory to flood in Korea and resell it for hundreds when there is a global shortage lol.

Anyhow, good deal I think. - I haven’t looked to see if anyone else is doing similar deals. This just caught my eye this morning from Amazon’s home page.


Wish I had spare money

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That link reports £148 now. Maybe a fudge up? :cry:

…or they had limited quantity. Bugger. Knew I should have got some this morning! :frowning:

There are other deals available. The 3000 rather than 3200 is at £105 (in white)

I’m not getting it in white! I don’t own an Apple! Jeeez man, have some decency!


Hmmm, now I’m interested…

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