Crying Suns

This is FTL but fleshed out and with a load more depth.

There is a Demo available on Steam at the moment:

Played the demo, loved it so far. Very similar mechanics (fuel, scrap), but with extra things in the form of Commandos for planetary missions (RNG) and the combat is a lot more fun, where you can assign officers to weapons/hull/ships, and they have their respective bonuses.

Insta-buy for me :slight_smile:


God dam or Cal. Stop showing me these games ffs :slight_smile:


Hey, you tell me if Overland is any good! :smiley:

I only jumped into Crying Suns because there was a demo.

Both CS and OL came out on the same day, same price, so I didn’t want to dump €40 on games I only “might” play.

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I’ll be giving this a go, looks proper good. I’ll report if its shit over the weekend.


Can confirm - very, very good.

Excellent FTL like with a great tactical layer, and fantastic, fatalist style setting