Crytek doing real time ray tracing on non RTX cards!


Crytek have been busy in the background and have got real time ray tracing in their engine without needing an RTX card.

I am a bit of a game engine nerd and I am starting to pick up on ways to tell if something has been ray traced vs. some clever rasterisation techniques and I think I spotted some things that were raytraced nicely.

Either way this looks really impressive and is rendered on an AMD VEGA 56 card!


Does this mean that Star Citizen will get delayed by another 3 years as they overhaul the engine?


Read this a few days ago and was meant to post about it. Purely theoretical if it can be put into actual games yet - does piss on nVidia’s RTX parade a bit though. Be interesting to see where it goes.

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I reckon that this is a great move though as crytek will get more devs interested in outing ray traced content but as you say it might sink Nvidias RTX battleship a bit.

There is still a place for hardware acceleration though so it’ll be interesting if they also bake in RTX optimisations.