Cyberpunk 2077


Remember this one…

Teaser from 2013:

Now found this while looking about:

Rumours, info what have you.


I’m waiting patiently and hold my horses. I rather don’t spoil it for myself, when I actually hold it in my hands the suprise will be so much sweeter :D. Probably for no ones suprise anymore, I’m a huge Cyberpunk fan and when I saw this game popping up years ago, especially with CDProject invloved, I got pretty excited. Its like a dream come true. I just hope it comes out and they didn’t bite more then they can stomach!


Rumour it is going to be shown at E3.



Just before you get your hopes up.


Updated, cheers.



Well something is happening.




I was just coming on here to post that!


please be good please be good please be good please be good


Tricky to read but nabbed off of Twitter.


This looks so fucking good. I have moved beyond drooling to the stage where drool is the dominant substance in my body. It’s a good life, if slightly squelchy.


I … have … to… be… strong. AVOID SPOILERS AT ALL COST!


Cyberpunk 2077 Is Not What You Think

Game Informer impressions from 50 mins gameplay!





Voice over guy needs to eat less gravel


It’s the same guy who does Geralt I think.


I saw this and thought of this thread:



Correct … more words