Damtrok, a.k.a. the other one in Korea

Hi everyone!

Just got introduced to this community by @Zorndar with whom I play quite often :wink:
I am also in Korea but hopefully the timezones will work and we will be able to play together sometimes!

These days I play a bunch of Warframe and I also have my eyes on Monster Hunter coming soon to PC.

So yeah nice to meet you all and I hope to play with you soon :3


Hi Damtrok!

Welcome aboard the mad house!

Not a player of Warframe myself, but I know that many others here are :slight_smile:

Welcome along there.

Now your here, you can never leave.

It is customary for the new peeps to get the drinks in. But as i have had a very heavy weekend drinking ill just have pint of cider please :slight_smile:

Welcome welcome!

First round is on you, so I’ll start my workday off with a triple-espresso Latte with a double-shot of Bushmills 16 please.

He is here, all hide, the french are coming :stuck_out_tongue:!

Pint of beer it is, as per usual.

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Don’t tell Skippy!

I miss Skippy.


Welcome. Pint of rockshore and a jawbox fin, honeycomb and ginger ale please.

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Howdo, N00b! :slight_smile:

Feel bad for you, knowing the lunatic that is Zorn :wink:

Welcome and another 20 or so characters

Thanks, and here are the drinks!! Note that we also have some fancy Korean alcohols if you want to give it a try :wink: