Dayz. Again

Thanks for not disappointing n0tchyp00 :stuck_out_tongue:


It has been SEVEN years since I first stumbled on a cooking pot on Dayz and tried, in vain, to attach it to a stove and gas canister.


But finally. Today. I did it.

I had boiled Chicken, Potato & Zucchini (Random)

Cheers @Scottyboy for providing lookout whilst I mucked around trying to fill the thing with water and lighting it…

I almost feel like I’ve completed an end game task

“Dine like Kings” :smiley:


Was a good night. Glad to finally have some company down here. Soon as @Jester turned up sharing the stuff I had too much off, and getting cooked food just makes it feel like Im gonna survive that wee bit longer!! lol Although thought we were probably gonna get popped as we were both nose deep in our inventory sorting our what we didnt need and could swap!! lol.

Anyway, my plan from here is as follows. I think this is a nights gaming probably. Going to check out couple of heli crash sites, and mosey on west. Ultimate goal, Nadbor. Since I died short in rediculous fashion previously.


Did you throw up?

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Not this time. Yet.

Gotta say as am naff at these games I love reading about your adventures Its like those pesky kids and their youtubes I finally understand why they love it :blush:


My adventure when I loaded the game back up.

Shot in the face.
Shot in the back.
Shot in the front.
Shot in the front.
Wonders why am I spawning in the same 500 meters every time.
Die of cold.
Die of blood loss/health drain
Almost die of starvation, but thankfully I have canned spaghetti. But no can opener…dies of starvation.
Find weapons without bullets and then bullets for other weapons. Then find human steak and pristine fat. Leaves area and then dies of exposure…to bullets.


Found a location for my FOB near Hrud , just got to move my creates from Sobotka to there and collect parts for a Olga 24 car thats in Nidek :slight_smile:




FAO @Scottyboy

Sorry mate - Going to have to log off so wont be on for your return. However, crazy things afoot.

I managed to get the wheel off that car without tools. With it in my hands, I ran to the woods for cover to sort my bags out. Saw wood in the distance that didn’t match any map markers. Zoomed in and saw lots of wood, metal and barbed wire. Also found wooden boxes filled with ammo and other things behind trees in the area of that yellow house.

I didn’t stick around, went back to fix the car. Engine was smoking when it started. Drove it out to the town but it went red out the church - I’ve marked it on the map. Might just need to cool down. (Q and E are gears btw) You could try to retrieve it. Note: Zombies didn’t seem to be able to hurt me in it.

I’m in a house inside of town.

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Got it. I’m gonna Scrooge McDuck the fuck out of that pile of pounds quid.


Sorry @Scottyboy - Jumped off and watched some TV.

Spawned on the westside, got pretty well geared up (albeit, with no melee weapon for quite some time) - headed to the NW military area where I picked up a LOT of grenades.

Thought to myself, we pick these up but we never use them… and if we were in a situation where we had to use them, would we know how to?

So I played ‘killing fish with explosives’ - except the fish were zombies. and there was no water.

For those that don’t know. Select grenade in hand. Left click to pull pin out. Press G once to adopt over arm throwing pose. Hold left mouse to determine throwing strength. Left go. Bombs away.

First trial involved pressing G and then pressing G again, which dropped the grenade at my feet.


So, once that was firmly placed into memory - I trekked to a bigger military area to the south. Found a guy geared up running around. I was in the large 2 story white office/barrack build. Tried to throw a grenade at him through a window:

Lined him up. Pressed G. Assumed the position… aimed through the window… throw grenade… which bounces off the windows sill, then ceiling and lands at my feet.


Waiting for the bang… I remember I haven’t pulled the pin out. idiot.

Went back, did it again. properly this time. I hear him climbing up the ladder on to the roof. I retreat. I throw more grenades (I had about 5 or 6) - he must be shitting himself, they are LOUD

I wait a bit away from the building. He suddenly appeared climbing down the ladder. I shoot him. Sure I hit him. But no. Benny hill chase sequence ensures between all the doors of the building. Sometimes I’m shooting at him. Sometimes him at me. I run out of ammo - charge with pickaxe. He shoots and hits me… but runs out of bullets. I hit him. a zombie hits him.

I pass out.

I die.

Well. that was fun :slight_smile:


I died a couple of times early on spawns. Finally managed a decent run to Sabotka. Ran into a dude at police station in Brena. He came to door as I was headed in. “Hello” he said. I went to press the wave button and pressed 1 by mistake. Which was my rifle quick key!!! Haha. I had no Mmo mind. He slowly backed up and shut door. I then dealt with a couple of Zeds and then looked up at police station roof and he was just watching me. I waved this time, he waved. And off I went.
Then I walked. Alot.


Crafting guide…

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May need to make my next adventure all about wilderness survival for a bit, instead of looting locations.

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Didnt get too far carrying that tent. So set it up in woods at ZapadISCO. Hoping that most peopl will be coming from noth into and through the place so may miss the tent. Not that it has much to offer really. Put a few token things in there.

I proceded to explore Zapa from here. And didnt get very far when I heard a shot, very close, and pretty much figured at me. So I darted behind a wall. Gonna wait you out I thought, I have plenty wine and a day off. Ima just sit here 3rd personing over this wall till I see you! Eventually I did. In the building I had just come out of beside the wall. Mwhuhuhuhh I remember my grenade training from @jester left click to pull pin, right, no left… dam need to pull pin again. left cl… no pull pin again!! ahh G, press G. Assume grenade throwing stance, aim hold fire and release!!! B00000M!! Nice… right where he was. As the explosion went off I did the most offensive attacking FPS move, AKU scoped moving in clearing corners! nothing. Nada. He only went and come in there to log off. I spent too long flaffing with nade! Ah well.

Found a camo net. Tent looks cool now.


Your Tent is gone :frowning:

On a different server from you I think. We had changed the other night.

Well, @Scottyboy’s tent is still there - so we setup camp.

With a water source nearby I went on farming duty… and grew all the Zucchini in the world…

This is easier than I thought. Just dig a bed with a shovel, add Zucchini seeds, add water. When grown - harvest crop, mulch the old plant to make fertilizer and take some of the seeds from the fruit to replant. Genius. I had 2 beds on the go… it got a little silly…

@Scottyboy was on fire making duty - which he did oldskool with no matches or anything. Job well done.

Yum. This is more like Glamping now. With MP5s.


Imagine someone killing you and finding all that on you with no way to explain it :joy: