Dayz. Again


I’ve been wanting to try it for ages but I believe it’s somewhere around 120gb at the minute for the full game.

Also these games suffer from the too many mods issue for me. Needing 37 mods to play in one server and another 45 to play on another server gets boring for me. I just want to turn on a game and play. Saying that might check it out this weekend.


Yeah that film is my only real reference for it, but i couldn’t remember the name because i kept being all ‘nah, Defiance is that shitty sci-fi show that’s a tie-in to a mediocre looking mmo’.

That happens in Ark too; but if you want to find water fountains they need to have been built and plumbed by a human. water tanks gather rainfall for drinking, cooking and irrigation, or you have to plumb in a water supply from a river or lake. clothing/armour degrade from damage and you have to craft new stuff.

It is highly moddable, and well modded, but thanks to the way UE handles mods (like source engine games), it downloads what you need when you join a server, or you can subscribe to stuff from the workshop in advance if you want to get larger stuff downloaded. There’s none of the faff of modded DayZ servers.

In addition, they run their own servers, like DayZ does, but there are separate pvp and pve servers, they’re well maintained (they stay up to date, don’t seem to get many outages), and you can find well/less populated ones as you like. Or run your own; there’s a set of tools for linux that takes the faff out of steamcmd, modding and running multiple servers/maps.
Endgame stuff; you can transfer between worlds. There are big obelisks around the world, and with the right stuff, you can use them to transport yourself to servers running the other maps (on the official, or hived/colocated unofficial servers).
You can tune to xp/resource gathering rates, the rate at which thirst/hunger become an issue and stuff so you can tune the grind to what you’re comfortable with, and taming helps further (the creatures all fulfill roles, many are better at gathering certain resources en masse).
There are endgame boss battles if that’s your thing.

There’re no microtransactions as far as i’m aware.

The game is complete enough to let you find a way to play it the way you want, with the people you want, and the amount of content at this point is really impressive.

If you give it a try let me know and i’ll download it tonight. with all the DLC, yeah, it’s a lot of disk space, and the UE patching thing needs sorting out if it hasn’t been (huge downloads with loads of redundant data, needing additional space to existing files before replacing them), but i believe those are UE issues rather than ARK specific, it’s just the scale of things in ARK exasperates it.

It’s not a perfect game by any means, and they got bad-press for releasing a paid dlc (albeit with a lot of content) before the base game actually reached v1.0, but i assume they have different people working on game engine/features vs content. And the content (scorched earth) was really good. But it’s a very big game with a lot to do and a lot of the stuff you can do is stuff we’ve enjoyed in other games in the past (dayz, minecraft).

Hammy, don’t worry about the mods, there’re plenty of vanilla servers and mods download automatically. The full size is only with all the DLC and maps installed, which you can forego in a lot of situations.


I’ll see how I get on with a few things that need doing today… but I might give it a shot over the weekend. £18 down from £44 is a bit of good deal - even cheaper than CDKEYS.


Ack, if you two pick it up I’ll probably pick it up as well.


I may have remoted on to my pc at home and started the weekend trail to download.

24.3 GB download. Will give it a go this weekend at some point before mate buying. That is if assassin’s creed let’s me play anything else


DayZ shambles out of early access next week

Not-being-eaten-by-zombies simulator DayZ has had a huge impact on gaming over its six years of development, arguably inspiring the all-consuming tide of battle royale shooters. Not bad considering that it’s still not out yet. The end is very nearly in sight, though – Bohemia Interactive say it’s leaving early access next Thursday, December 13th, after a whirlwind run of beta testing. It recently added base-building, upgraded animal AI and integrated mod support, and began a major round of bug-hunting. Below, a near-final trailer, giving us a peek at its eastern European apocalypse.

Shouldn’t that be ‘re-added basebuilding’ !?

For those late to the party, DayZ (pronounced like the Super Smash Bros character) is a survival sandbox originally based on military sim Arma 2. As one of a handful of survivors (up to sixty active players per server) in the huge country of Chernarus, there’s been a teensy outbreak of Zombitis. Your goal is whatever you want it to be, whether it’s hunting the deadliest game, creating your own little camp with friends or living the end-of-the-world life, whooping and hollering as you gut and loot strangers. You can eat animals, scavenge, craft gear or die from diseases and generally suffer. A lot.

Bohemia are keen to stress that launch isn’t the end for DayZ, but rather the culmination of a major push to polish the game until it’s stable, runs smoothly and is as balanced as a murder-sandbox can be. Several features were shelved on the run-up to launch, including grenades and other throwable weapons, but Bohemia plan to unveil a development road-map for feature and content updates early next year. The whole situation feels a bit 28 Days Later – games have changed since DayZ began life as a wonky little mod. Will its developers even recognise this mad new world?

Yeah, OFCOURSE it isn’t the end for DayZ. The Modding community will almost certainly pick this up and finish for Bohemia free of charge!

DayZ is still in early access on Steam, and costs £23/€28/$35. The price will increase to £32/€38/$45 on launch day.

Cannot believe they’re going to charge that much for this wreck.


How to make your product look really fecking dated in a trailer 101

Especially the guy running away from gunfire and then turning a leaning. People don’t lean like that - and developers in more modern titles are staying to make human modelling a lot more natural.

Also, that guy should be dead. If I was the guy in the helmet and I didn’t hit that guy, I’d be Alt-F4in.

Way to sell your product guys.


Bet the original mix is still in a better state