Dayz. Again


The server browser is so broken its unreal.

None of the information listed for any of the servers seems to correspond to what is actually going on on the sever, the filters don’t seem to actually filter things properly and reset at random, because the sever browser splits the results on to separate pages I’ve had the filters reset/resort the listings on several occasions as I switch to another page.

The actual game is…clunky and boring.

The performance is significantly better though the graphics (especially the textures) seem worse, zombies are back but are barely a threat, melee combat is slightly better but still feels like the fight scenes from Team America…

Dunno what I expected.


I concur.

Day servers are night, night servers are day.

I think if it was a new title that we had never played before, It’d be quite exciting. But coming back to it, its a bit same-old same-old

Zombies are really poor. Visually they look better, and they seem a bit scarier. But they are equally as stupid. Many just standing around ignoring you. When they do come after you, they are glitchy, follow bizarre paths and the melee combat is just horrible. Where you just circle each other rapidly hitting attack.