DC's Titans

I believe this will be on DC’s upcoming streaming platform.

i think i’m sat waiting on that same streaming platform to release season 3 of young justice.

Needs Ron Perlman as Deathstroke or it’ll never compare to the teen titans i remember fondly :stuck_out_tongue:

seems a bit to dark and edgy for me im to used to the cartoon teen titans.

True, however Assault on Arkham Asylum is probably one of my favourite animated DC films and that’s pretty dark… This will either be awesome or pure shit, I don’t think there will be a middle ground.

isn’t that the batman dc animated thing where batman spends a big chunk of it in disguise as someone else? if so i liked that one, but it’s no Dark Knight Returns, which puts up some serious competition to be my favourite batman adaptation in any format, and isd also suitably dark.

I do feel like maybe teen titans is one of the few DC titles that doesn’t need to go particularly dark given it’s always felt like it’s whole deal was being a lighter hearted, more ‘fun’ title in a universe filled with grim dark things that take themselves maybe a bit too seriously. I’ll still give it a chance mine; i did with gotham and once you’re onboard with how over the top (and in some cases outright stupid) that is it’s pretty enjoyable.

Robin going into Red Hood territory there, I like it.

Dammit, for a moment i thought they might have gone with a different Robin, but it is still Dick Grayson.

Where’s the TV-MA rated animated Injustice series I’ve dreamed about :frowning: