Death Stranding

Can’t unsee

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So this might be coming to PC afterall, but after some time. Which is obviously bizarre because it’s Sony published and even using in house first party game engine. But yeah it’s been delisted as PS Exclusive.

Well since it’s using a Sony engine ( the same one used for Horizon Zero Dawn ) sony might be getting licences fees from any sale on PC? Kinda like Microsoft and minecraft on everything really.

Just cos I’m strangely fascinated by where this game is going.

And because pee.

…and baby rocking…

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Yeah I was thinking about putting the other trailers from last night here too … But forgot haha

I’m still 100% in… Day one for me

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This one trailer apparently explains everything and makes all make more sense.


Well. That’s cleared that up…

There’s also this… Which I tuned into watch part way through… But saw too much.

Urgh not long now!!

Fear not you non console owners


Not watching, but holy hell that’s a long launch trailer

Theres a LOT of cut scenes early on, but holy shit I love it.


Dam it…i want it on PEEEECEEEEE NOW!!!11!!!11!

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This game is weird nuff said

I’ve seen two prevailing opinions so far:

  • What the fuck is this? I love it.

  • What the fuck is this? I hate it.

At least everyone agrees it’s weird as fuck!


From what ive been watching on You of the Tubing, it does look like a lot nicer ARMA running game :slight_smile:

Best ZiiP post ever.

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