Devil's Fingers Fungus

Couldn’t think where else to put this and I don’t think nightmare fuel is entertaining, but this is some messed up shit:

Looks a fuck load like Tyranid spores to me:

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I’m sorry. What the fucking shit is that shit?

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“Clathrus archeri”

Clathrus archeri (synonyms Lysurus archeri, Anthurus archeri, Pseudocolus archeri), commonly known as octopus stinkhorn, or devil’s fingers, is a fungus indigenous to Australia and New Zealand, and an introduced species in Europe, North America and Asia. The young fungus erupts from a suberumpent egg by forming into four to seven elongated slender arms initially erect and attached at the top. The arms then unfold to reveal a pinkish-red interior covered with a dark-olive spore-containing gleba. In maturity it smells like putrid flesh. Recently, C. archeri var. alba with white tentacles or arms has been reported from the Shola Forests in the Western Ghats, Kerala, India.

Probably where they got the ‘Stinkhorn’ plant in Oblivion from.

Whole lotta nope either way.

Looks like the birth of a trifid!

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Erm, so, what the feck is that thing!

Did H R Giger see one of those and use it for face hugger inspiration!?

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