Discord no route error

So I am having an issue this evening connecting to Discord.


It cycles through an RTC connecting loop always resulting in the “no route” message. But shows me in the channel.

I have tried all the standard solutions. Reset computer, restarted router. Renewed IP, FlushDNS. Firwewall. Just wont connect to voice.
Thing, is it was working fine all last night till like 3 in the morning with @n0tch And if I switch to my secondary internet line it works fine. So it does seem like some sort of routing issue with my BT line. But why all of a sudden? Any ideas? There was an update to discord which I installed last night which was the last thing I did before shutting down. Surely that update is not going to bork it with one particular internet line?

@jester do you know what the server IP address is for voice? and region settings? Might be helpful in my diagnosis

Far as I am aware EU. As for IP - no idea. Discord is fully cloud hosted. Maybe ping the domain as the app uses sockets and runs via the domain as a web app… although of course the front-end could point somewhere else. Then tracert it.

Just doing a bit of reading up and it does seem to place it as a client side issue… But as you’ve said, you’ve done all the usually stuff.

Very bizzare. Maybe clear routing tables or try an assign new IP address from ISP?

Cheers @Jester have subsequently done some more digging and found a tool discord use to traceroute to their servers and found the server address. No problems there at all.

It is so werid though that I can still log into discord and see whos online and also chat. And the fact that I can use my Radio Broadband it works fine. I have raised a ticket with Discord, and whacked a thread up on BT community forum. Maybe something will come of it.

I just cant see why voice would be getting stopped, unless it is simply to do with demand on VOIP traffic on BT services. Friday night during national lockdown on an old ADSL line?! Mebbe.

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So. All working now. Soon as Blacravend and Flexxo left>?? Coincidence no doubt. Maybe my post to discord or BT found someone to fix something.

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Also on BT and been getting that, usually when a server is using Western Europe instead of just Europe.

A friend of mine, lives in Scotland, was having an issue with discord, but managed to get around it using a VPN. Not entirely sure it was the same problem.