I’ve been more involved in Discord recently - being part of a couple of other groups on there. I’ve noticed that the platform has greatly increased beyond that of being a Teamspeak alternative. The chatrooms in particular are now very powerful and full of features.

To a degree, for some of the conversations we have here, it is probably easier to use and more appropriate.

I’ve reset some of the rooms - For text chat (#), there is now one private, and one public. It takes no effort to idle there - and the community can talk like we used to with the old shoutbox. The Discord phone app is now very powerful too and full of feature. There are still multiple voice rooms should you want to talk.

If you need access again, give me a shout.

Instantly changing the channels over and it was great to chat in real time to ziipsters… good to see Dan, Carrot, Pip - so let’s get everyone on…

@blackscorpion @reddragon @admins

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The guys I race with have ditched a forum and just use Discord now. My ESO guild is also on there. I think the days of a forum are numbered.

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That’s my thought too. Things change and Discord has definitely added a lot of features from when it was a voice comms replacement - Most comments to threads are reactions or news that is only current for a short period of time. Forums just fill up - and whilst certain posts are popular, how offer do we travel to the 2nd or 3rd page? Never.

I think with Discord, we can have the same forum chat - and dedicated channels can be created for any particular subject that warrants it… like Space, 40K, Football etc etc -

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I think there is room for both personally. Could be as I see discord more as a chat function and the forum for discussion

Do you not think that people will post in one or the other? It can be more than just a “morning” shoutbox - It can handle images, links and youtube - just like the forum does.

I know, its used loads on the dj ones I’m on. Maybe because the forum is a web page and a bit easier accessed than discord. No need for an app

And those notifications! :rofl:

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you can adjust notifications :wink: I need to sort the bot out too.

It is web accessible:

Can you access this?

Horrible domain, but it could be forwarded off our domain easily enough

I did not know that but Holy fuck it’s horrible on a mobile

looks great on iPhone… :smiley:

Can I get a link - I’m having to use discord a lot, so I may find it easier to remain current.


No worries - here you go mate: https://discord.gg/bbq7b56WXp

I’ll put you in the ZiiP usergroup once you join :slight_smile:

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