Discourse -> Discord webhook

Ok, I have created a webhook between this Discourse forum and our Discord server. Things that you post here in the following categories will be relayed to Discord in both the #public-lobby and #ziip-member channels:

Gaming + all subs
Technology + all subs
Shopping Deals + all subs
Entertainment + all subs
Sport + all subs
Food & Drink
ZiiP News

I’m thinking of having it set to only show the first post of a new topic (except ZiiP News) - but it can be set to show replies too. What are people’s thought? Useful to have all replies? or possibly over-saturation of content? Especially if it generates notifications. I can also set specific topics to show all replies if prefered.

Let me know…


Do everything and dial back as required.

Yeah - I didn’t want everyone fucked off with a billion notifications on Discord. Only ZiiP News (which this thread is in) will show all replies on Discord.

Is it annoying? Or handy?


Wondered my discord has been going mad on my phone. 1st post on a new thread would be OK, and every post on important stuff

Need to get into the habit of starting a new thread for something new rather than relying in a single thread for everyone… like “Here is a book I’ve read, XXXXXX” rather than just having a “What are you reading right now thread that goes on forever”

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What’s a discord is it like reddit?

Voice comms like Teamspeak. Can video chat too like Skype/Zoom. Some text stuff… like this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


I shall look into it I bought a webcam but still haven’t set it up yet haha