Division 2 Poll - Are you making a Purchase?

What it says on the tin… I mean thread

  • Already on Pre-Order
  • Thinking about getting it on Pre-Order
  • Will buy once its released
  • Will wait until the game is reviewed by you slags
  • Will getting when its in the bargain bin
  • Undecided
  • Undecided but probably not
  • Nah, its not for me
  • Hell no, what a waste of money!

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Yay!! Finally another Miccles poll!!



@RoGuE :frowning: hope it wasn’t cos you were playing with me…

@MicJules Haha no bud, you were very helpful for a first timer like me. Thought I’d give it a go via the beta but it’s just not my cup of tea, I just can’t seem to get into third person shooter games unless it involves planes or tanks.


may have accidentally closed the poll. Opps.

Open again :slight_smile:




Is there any info people need if undecided about the game?

My mate is getting on PS4 and we gameshare, so yuppers.

did you vote Pip (even if you don’t play PC games no more)

I have now and I still play PC games, just not very many multiplayer ones :slight_smile:

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@adrock - are you getting this?

I bought one edition for myself and a 2nd copy for my friend. Its not his cup of tea and I wanna guilt trip him into playing as I believe he might enjoy it.

That beside the typical mayhem that will happen with @Leepants.

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@spoonlamp @Jester - see Division 2 thread, @vredesbyrd may be able to help with undecidedness