Division 2


Servers down (again) until about 11.30, apparently… Brilliant. I’m off out around midday until tomorrow afternoon… FFS.


Pants you are like the best source of server down info!

On the other hand, if I play today, I might be able to catch up a little bit so I closer to your like level 9000 character :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone else having performance issues like me might want to have a look at this article:

I currently have a mixture of mostly low and some medium settings just to maintain 60fps at 1080p. Looking through the article, I’m going to go back and try lowering the three things mentioned while gradually creeping up the other settings that apparently don’t make much of a difference to frames.

Another thing I need to look in to is moving my Division install over to the spare SSD I have but haven’t gotten around to doing anything with yet - I reckon my old beaten up mechanical is causing a decent bottleneck.

All excuses to get a new PC!


I’m running mine on my storage SSD, but tempted to chuck it over to the M2.

Generally getting 50-60 FPS on Ultra settings.




My system is handling it fine with everything cranked to max.:smiley:

The game is stored on my Optane accellerated 2TB hard drive. When playing in a group with mic, pasty and adrock I did have a couple of moments where it froze for a sec which made me think it had crashed and then it just came back and was fine but that might have been loading time.

The optane module/setup is still “learning” the game files.


I have no idea Wtf j00 just said, Ch4d. :grin:

O and Zorn is a higher level than me. Gutted.


Finished the final mission, lvl 30 stronghold and got the specialisation! Now the real game can begin.

Seems like after you done that the game starts kinda over, and the story of the mission change too!?

I’m running the sniper rifle for solo right now BUT I feel like the crossbow might be right up my ally! Looks awesome!

Going to bed soon though Pants so you got enought tiem to catch up :smiley:


Misses is out for a bit tonight but need to get MKIV to sleep so might get 30 mins before wifey gets back home :slight_smile:


So having an M60 and a MK17 is a lot of fun.


Since we mentioned the increased number of animals in the game yesterday:


I’m trying to unlock everything right now and got a bit stuck. After getting every SHD tech I could find and one I got by acciddent I went on a google tour.

Looks like there are another 10 to be found, at least judging from the amount needed for the leftover perks. So choose wisely.


I’ve just been dumping any available SHD points into the perks as I have them. :smiley:


Well be carefull, as I said unless you find more hidden caches you run short a few for everything. I got all skills but I miss a few perks. I assume they have hidden more in the world for people trying to unlock all, as there are these 4 hidden in the Washington area. Possible more hidden somewhere else. But the 4 ones in the link +1 is all I know of so far.


Does no one else find a lot of the perks disappointing or plane useless?

“Light up all the crares in the area when you resupply a point” - Really? Do I not have eyes in my fucking head? Can I not find them myself?

Spend 5 to get a crate?

Unlock mostly bullshit weapon attachments?



I thought this in the beta already. Most of the perks are ease of life improvements and should have been in the game as is. They used to be essential build variables, as you could only have 3 or 4 of them active. Sadly they aren’t anymore and boil down to a hide and seek farm grind, especially when youi got all marked ones and need the hidden ones.

Build variety is improved in other aspects of the game and if we are honest, only around 5-8 of the old perks were useful anyway with 3 almost mandatory and the other 5 for very specific builds!

I still miss them, I think they changed it as most of the time people abused them with methods they didn’t see coming!


Minty and I had a surprise side mission that just appeared (was not part of the main set) to do with helping Agent Smith… (I think that was his name)

** no spoilers **

Was an exciting surprise.


Who is the chainsaw wielding boss man - came from nowhere dead on the spot


He sometimes has a gold and two purple mates along with all the reds.

We’ve been chased around those sewers by that big fucker so many times.


Reminder to all: If you’ve crafted a weapon and you’re happy/use it at lot, don’t forget to go back and craft another one when you’ve levelled up.

I started off with a 5.3k M700 that went to 6.3k the next craft, then it rolled a 9.3k just before I logged out tonight.

All the same recipe with the same reqs.

The same seems to happen for the gear as well (minus the attachments) but since sets are now falling out of every one of the enemy’s various holes I find the set benefits too good to pass up for a one-off stat bump I’ll probably top the next time I get a a set piece drop any way.

I actually like how common the sets are, I never felt able to do much with the set items in D1.