Division 2


I think that’s entirely fair. BUT! It WAS still a Beta, so I expected there to be issues with server connection / performance etc. However, 5 weeks until shipping?

Yeh, dunno if that will be fixed.

But still… :smiley:



Yes I know pants, I gave that a bash at the weekend. This comment was in reference to purchasing the game.

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Check your emails for Beta question - very in depth!



Ordered!!! Woot!


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Just got a free game from UbiSoft for pre-ordering Division 2.

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Which one?



I had three to choose from, see below; I selected FarCry Primal, looks like my cup of tea.



Doesn’t The Division through Steam just launch Uplay and then the game anyway?!

Edit: I only read the title before posting…holy spaghetti monster, ANOTHER Epic Exclusive and is it really even an exclusive if its also on Uplay?!



i thought it did, other steam ubisoft stuff does.

if it’s epic exclusive does that mean it’s not available through uplay? paying for exclusivity to your platform surely doesn’t work if it’s not actually exclusive and it’s available on another platform already.

Imagine if your OS could act like a platform, and games could keep themselves up to date. Then we wouldn’t need all this trash sat inbetween. Almost like MY ACTUAL FUCKING OS AND APPLICATIONS ALREADY DO AND HAVE DONE FOR YEARS. If you use discord for the comms/social side of your gaming, what do the platforms actually offer? I offer a shit cookie to whoever tries to suggest the marketing and advertising is beneficial to consumers.

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It is offered through Uplay as well I’ve since read, but it isn’t clear if you’ll end up launching Uplay any way if you install it through Epic Launcher.

They’ve even said in that article that preorders of The Division 2 through Uplay are “six times higher” now they’ve cut ties with Steam. “Six times higher” than what, I don’t know and what exactly they’re trying to say about its connection to Steam I’m not sure - I think it could equally be because a lot of buyers already have Uplay and don’t fancy installing Epic only for it to launch Uplay any way, maybe?

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i read that as six times higher compared with division 1, in that they’d got 6 times the pre-orders because people aren’t using steam to pre-order by default, but it could do with clarification.

I’d assume the multiplayer grouping and whatnot was going to still be uplay based and they wouldn’t want to separate out their users the way some steam/gog stuff has been (NMS being an example).

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i DGAF on platform. Why is that a thing?

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I barely started Steam anyway fo Division anymore, went straight to Uplay instead!

Still I hate was Epic is trying to do and strongarm itself into the market. Their store is so lackluster in features right now, they are miles behind Steam in every aspect. What they would need to do is convince people to buy it instead, not make it the oinly option. It has no review system because of some bogus argument they made up, no community, no dedicated support team last time I checked and needed one and even lacks a simple search function.

Thats beside not offering most of the games here in Korea. I seriously need to use a VPN for around 95% of the games sold.



How long do I have to wait to play this?



Check yer emails :wink:

EDIT:- https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2000119-The-Division-2-Technical-Test-–-February-21-22

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Technical Test will be available on PC only. The upcoming Open Beta will be available on all platforms from March 1 to 4. Stay tuned for more information about Open Beta on our beta page."



I have no auth to view that page. Also have you pre-ordered Pantaloons?



Tis just the forum - can log in using uplay name…

And nopes, cos after the biggun and no code yet.



Yeah got the same mail! Gonna start the download tonight when I get home!

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13.5Gb download…