Division 2


We should be able to sort this later and hopefully will get on for a few games after we sort out a few Daily things in STO.


So far, so good. NO disconnects nor Alpha / Delta errors.

Movement seems a little “slicker” too, somehow. I did, however, get “stuck” alongside some hinges and there is a box right near the start that I couldn’t get to, even though it was on the floor…


Just had a look and I’ve not gotten in to this, apparently I’m not good enough!

I’d have thought I’d get in based on my early sign up for the beta and then signing up and playing on each of the days but - nothing.



I have missed out too cries


Well its a thumbs up from me as they have sorted something out. I can now play at work which i couldnt do in the other one :slight_smile:


I’m loving it. :grin:
Tis essentially the same as the closed beta. But with VERY few glitches. I occasionally have deconstruction issues, though.



Ima prolly grab the gold edition at the end of this month from CDKeys as its way cheaper than greenmangaming even with discounts.

Even the beta was running really well on my system so hopefully it’ll get better!

Be fun to shoot some idiots in a ZiiPsquad™!


I believe I will be getting this for free due to a 3 game bundle with my new GPU.

Fingers crossed.


@n0tch - I’ve probably missed it, but whatchagedin’?

I need to know, so I know what to order…


@Jester, Got one of these for £250 from Ebuyer:


I needed something that wasn’t too deep due to the Air 240 size restrictions. It isn’t as long as the 390 though, whihc is nice.


@Jester - if you could be so kind as to get me a code for this please… Although it’s now gone back up to full price… Dammit.

Division 2 Ultimate Edition at CD Keys

How long do the codes last, buddy?


No problem matey - links last forever :slight_smile:

Division 2 Ultimate Edition at CD Keys


Nice card - Be interesting to how it compares to nVidia’s lineup - will it beat a 1080?


Fankooooooooooooooooooo :kissing_heart:


Better or equivalent to a 1070 apparenartly. 50% better performance than the 390




A You-Tuber stated that you can pre-load the Open Beta… :wink:


Already downloading :wink:

March 1st to March 4th Open Beta!

13.56GB @vredesbyrd



Hi Guiz, wats the happy haps?

Oh, Kate and I shall be on this tomorrow!