Division 2


Here’s me advising you guys and FAIL in sorting it out for myself…


Me threes :smiley:


Played the closed BETA and loved it but i did play DIV1 from Beta and loved that too sooo…


Unless there are rewards for playing the open beta, I won’t bother with the download as I have Anthem to keep me entertained. It’s only a couple of weeks before release anyway :slight_smile:


And we were saying it was pricey at £65… Fekin £82 now! :open_mouth::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:

I had a thinky as it IS a lot of dollah, but I do spend roughly 3/4 that every few months on WoT / WoWs, so in reality it’s a one-off, so I can kinda justify it to myself.


Ultimate was always that price… its come down was 92 quid.

Think you have mistaken the 65 quid one as ultimate when it is just the Gold Standard


Well aren’t I a speshul little sausage! :rofl::rofl:

EDIT:- so essentially £18 for an in game assault rifle… Vanity shit bores me

TAKE MY FEKIN MONIES!1!!! :smiley: clicks button on CD keys


I was curious if there were any redeemable rewards for playing the open beta and these are all I could find.

I really don’t give a fuck about stuff hanging off your backback. :confused:


Damn it… my dude from the private beta is no more gotta start fresh :frowning:


yep new 13.5GB download


Pink Gin and Tonic getting prepared, ice… and a night of Division 2


Nice - feel free to chuck me an invite happy to tag along


Hmm it appears i don’t have anyone on UBI friends list… add me guys “MintyFresh86”


I be Leepants :smiley:


O and it’s shit - don’t bother with it folks.

NOT!!! :smiley: :crazy_face:

EDIT:- also, make sure you don’t deconstruct your assault rifle as you bought a single shot rifle… Hurdurrrrrrrrrrr


Will do when I am in and online… @NastyPasty - not sure you are on my list either


I LUFFS IT! :slight_smile:

No cahnge over tech test, for me, so it’s repetition, but I still enjoying it :slight_smile:
Feels like M60 has been “balanced” (way less accurate) so far, but that’s it.

Is good fun.


Oi ya miserable sod - are you on Discord?


I would recommend doing the “control point” missions sharpish, cos lots of gear to be had. However, watch your XP / level cos the loot scales. So if you’re close to levelling up, make sure to level up (shoot shit) before opening the boxes.

As first game, decisions to be made re selling or dismantling. I used Div Tech to upgrade dismantling gubbins to give chance of “exotic” stuff as well as normal dismantling stuff, THEN dismantled a load so got extra stuff to be able to create better gear.


Friend request sent!