Division 2


lost my original character :frowning:




fuck me, its a demo/beta. standard practice to reset characters


Rank stays the same though


That was a lot of fun, some good games with Minty and then a small run round with Rogue.

Game still has bugs but I can live with them… Really looking forward to this game


What bugs?


So I haz accuired this!

Not sure I can be bothered to download the open beta when the game itself is out in a weekish :smiley:

Looking forward to shootin’ some idiots with Ziipcruntz™ :smiley:


I’m quite enjoying the open beta - The Division isn’t my sort of game tbh, but I can see what it is enjoyable.

I just wonder if I should stop the beta though - because if I did get the game, would I get bored redoing the bits I’ve already done.

Those that played D1, how big do you expect D2 to be based on the beta size? I think @vredesbyrd said in the past that D1 changed (for the better) after L30 - what did you mean by that?

I’m up for a story-game. Less so for a grindfest.


I’m not going to do the open beta. Started from the beginning twice already so doing it a 3rd time and then a 4th when the game gets released would do me in.

I’m not too much into the grind fest, especially as I would be playing most of it by myself, but I did enjoy the story mode and exploring in D1. Going round getting all the phones and the crashed drones was enjoyable too


Hi Jess,

The Division is about the grind but this time round is does not seem to feel like a grind as the AI play smart, flanking rather than predictable behaviour.

The reason for the level 30 comment is that once you get to level 30, the game opened up to more stuff (bolted on to bring players back due to its terrible start in life). Smaller missions with better chances to get better gear, some PvP/PvE improvements - and then there were teh extreme challenges where teamwork was essential to complete. The dark zone improved too. Hackers were less visible and the pulse always began to race as you entered the area.

Once level 30, the AI increased in strength - many being level 32-36 and the team became indispensable.

What you are experiencing now, is how the Division ended up. It is very slick now, varied tasks to complete, more activities, missions etc.

The story is there and I am hoping that this will be like D1 as that story was good to follow (when playing on your own so that you can listen to the game). Playing with friends is still great especially as you rank up, improve your gear, take on bigger/harder challenges.


Phones still exist, there are control points now, base of operations now seems key but a lot of stuff is not available in the beta so I am hoping for a lot more content.

There are main missions, side missions, SHD (ShadeTech) collection points, ambushes, street executions to stop, random villains - I got one last night to “kill the butcher” - was hard to take down on my own. This time round, having a friend by your side or even just a pubber (can’t kill you in open world) can really help with the two levels up villain.

The missions are like opening communities, rescues, taking down strongholds, saving communities, supplying communities, control points (and this is only the beta).

There is also loads of loot!


I too haven’t played any more since yesterday. Mainly cos I was tired and now am at a lady’s. :grin:


I is on if anyone is about


Jes, the world looks fantastic and I really enjoy the exploration side of it too - lots of goodies to be found off the main drags.
The Stronghold bit is new to this version and the rewards are pretty bloody good, frankly.
As for the “end game” but, this version has 3 specialisations, and they can be switched between, where some of the perks are unique to the specific specialisation.
The Boss’s “life” bar works differently in that if you target a specific bit of their armour, you get through them quicker, e.g. helmet to then head shot.
I haven’t seen how the open world end game will work yet, though - the first version you can basically do a “boss run” around the map.


I’ve played the closed and open beta now. I thought the game was ok and enjoyable in a group. I really do think that the name Tom Clancy is holding the game back a little bit as I just find the loot and story rather dull.
So in short, I thought the game was ok, nothing more.

Then the dark zone happened, then me hacking a console without understanding what I was doing happened, then me having me ass shot at by “friendlies” happened and all of this lead to a very entertaining game of cat and mouse, but thankfully this mouse had a m60.
I doubt I’ll be getting it on release but I’ll definitely be picking it up eventually.
The dark zone looks like a heck a lot of fun.


I skipped the open beta, I don’t wanna play 3 times through the first 10h of the game.

First gear set infos released, finally we get an idea what to expect. It looks interesting, definitely better than the +xxx% damage bonuses we see from other games. If the other gear sets are on a similar level this could give us quite different playstyles and team dynamics!


Well I had a final blast on the Division yesterday and I just never made to the Dark Zone, despite that being the last mission to do. I was too caught up with everything else that was going on.

I had collected Water, Parts and Food for the en-route Control Point so that they remained manned and the Hyenas did not take it back, I was looting everywhere and unlike in Division 1, you have to complete projects by donating excess items like body armour, knee pads etc. to win blue prints to build the components for your weapons.

In D1, you would win these components from kills and the loot dropped - now no longer. The AI as you move up in level, get more creative, I got near level 8/9 bad guys and then have armoured suicide bomber type personnel, proned dakka soldiers again armoured, the deadly snipers and vicious shotgunners. They roam the streets, they try to hijack the loot - supply drops they try and steal before you.

The occasional public executions or rescue missions, the odd loot stuff picked up appear to link into the friendly AI - I notice one needed a Hex Watch - it wasn’t in my possession to provide but this is a new part of the game we have not experienced yet.

Try as I might to get to the DZ, something always happened or something new to explore came upon you and I ran out of time. I played mostly on my own which was a bit frustrating when they started to attack from all angles.

I found the undergound and loads of loot but most of this was behind Red Tape (edge of Beta Zone). I think the story was lost in the beta with the main story coming from D1.

I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, it is so different from the first Division. The weather effects are awesome, rain so heavy its like looking through dense fog. (beware the ambush in these weathers - we could not try the pulse skill as it was not available but it would be crucial I feel.

The grind, and sure there is one, doesn’t feel like a grind. I am looking forward to trying the DZ with friends.

The game can be played with or without friends and it is an easy pick up and play game.

I have this on pre-order and I have no regrets about buying this game.

Hope some of you will be joining me in this game.


On the beta on sunday I was able to try one of the specialisations - I went for the crossbow bloke. It then plonked you in a DZ Mission and had a choice of load-outs / weaponry. The characters were accessible from the first opening (home / options screen) and you could choose any of the 3.

Raped. Badly. :rofl: Should have thought to go the tanky bloke as there’s a small robot horse with guns that canters into the party…

As Mic - I r got pre-order, but can’t find a date when pre-order comes into effect… Anyone? CD keys has 12th march, but I’#m not sure if that’s the release date or the pre-release, as I wanna get it downloaded afore heading to work…



Looking on googleboxthingmejig, it has initial release 15th March so must be pre-load cos pre-orders get in 3 days early


@Leepants - looking about today, PS4 (@VirulentPip) possible pre-load on 9th with PC owners on the 10th - However, it depends where you brought the game.